The Story Between Humans, Animals, Nature, Life In The New Corona Virus NCOV Event

The Story Between Humans, Animals, Nature, Life In The New Corona Virus NCOV Event

If you are looking for another view and want to understand more about what exactly going at the moment on planet Earth during the NCOV event, then this is a story you should read.

From the ancient times, humans are the hunters and going to hunt all kind of animals in the wild forest. But most of that animals are the invisible one, so there is no big deal for them.

And by nature, there are a lot of new clans, new groups and including the authority was setup for “more productive”.

Suddenly one day, the invisible beast like a lion appear but this is a legendary lion have wings and can fly.

The authorities who are only stay at home in the city do not know exactly what is going on.

Some hunters tell them they are the dangerous just like a lion, some say they are just the cat, and a hidden legendary hunter say they are the unstoppable beast from ancient textbox.

The authority know the dangerous of that new animals, but instead of telling the truth to the people, they are keep telling the hunter that “they are just a big cat, not a big deal”.

After hearing that message from the authorities, many hunters still keep doing what they are doing everyday without any fear or any prepare. The time pass and many many hunters passed away mysterious.

And now the authorities instead of asking all the hunters to seek real information, they only ask the “scout” group called the scientist who their jobs is just using microscope, camera to capture the actions. Many governments are refuse to talk any theory about that legendary beast unless you have photo or videos like the scientist.

Ask yourself simple question: if you think hunters or any scientist can easily using camera to record that beast in details, then you are an absolutely idiots !!!

And those idiots are the government & authorities are controlling you guys in this NCOV battle.

They are having no clue what is going on, they only want to enslave the people and keep the regime.

Instead of seeking new information from all people, they only rely on the “media, scout, scientist”.

For you know that the science is only for kids and stupid people. They are no much different than the media, they only describe and telling what was happened.

What people need now is the solution, the way to solve the NCOV problem, they do not need some stupid statistics or image/video. The governments better wake up before too late.

It is very easy to solve the problems if you seek help from all entities either online or offline. Just give a chance for whoever claim able to handle to problems, instead of gambling on only the “science”.

What is the winning condition in this battle with the new corona virus NCOV, can any so called world leaders or any secret societies, elders can answer?

No, because they have no clue, just look at their actions.

People need a real leader who can lead them through this chaos, they do not need a “gambler, politician, businessman” who do not sure whether or not can solve this problem.
You will have more chance to survive if you follow and listen to any entity who claim have cure & solution for the problems than the “not sure” one.

I am the legendary hunter who know that legendary beast and the forest map very well. But because almost nobody listen to me, then I still keep the best and waiting the right opportunity to reveal it.

Best Regard,
The Savior

2 thoughts on “The Story Between Humans, Animals, Nature, Life In The New Corona Virus NCOV Event

  1. I want to learn more! The things youre saying makes so much more sense than any of the bullshit the media is saying. How can I make sure that my family or my “tribe” can survive this horrible virus? I DO NOT TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT OR LEADER!! I know that they really only care about saving themselves or their families. None of them care about saving me or my loved ones or even mankind in general. I know that no amount of money or medicine or anything thats been tried thus far will help. Im not sure how I found this blog but Im sure glad i did! I will be eagerly awaiting your response.


    1. Hi,
      I have many tools and weapon to defeat all of them, but I still giving all of at stupid leaders, governments & royal families some time to repent and make their wise choice. For I do not want to cause chaos in life, the legendary beast NCOV is enough.
      For your case, I do not know who you are and what country you are living in.
      But the only way to stay safe is to increase your knowledge about this legendary beast.
      I do not want stay something beyond absurd, but I can absorb that beast as long as you trust me as the Savior Messiah.
      Trust in your mind only, do not need to do anything !
      If you want your family and your “tribe” to stay safe, then tell them to go to this blog and read the content. Just read only will increase their knowledge.
      Do not worry, as long as you trust me as the savior and listen my words with open mind, then you cannot die because of any diseases !

      And if you want more open uncensored discussion then you can visit forum

      P/S: Do not forget to share this blog on social media as well.

      Have Fun,


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