Do Not Send, Receive Blood Because It Can Contain The Seed Of Corona Virus NCOV & Many Virus

Do Not Send, Receive Blood Because It Can Contain The Seed Of Corona Virus NCOV & Many Virus

I guess it time to some divine level advice about health and corona virus NCOV, whether it going with or against any advice you saw in the media, authority channel does not matter, many people may not like it but some awakening smart people will benefit from it.

Blood is the most powerful and dangerous force by nature, it contact hundreds of different chemicals.

But you need to remember that most people die because they do not have oxygen, air, not because lack of blood.

The blood in human body is usually merge with harmful virus, bacteria so the body system can work better, including the new corona virus NCOV, SARS, Ebola, HIV, MERS, etc.

If you donate or send out your blood, which mean you are lower your defense system, have more risk of receive diseases, hamful dangerous virus will have more chance to survive and to grow.

While, when you receive in blood, your body system most likely will receive harmful dangerous virus from others for sure. And they also receive shock effect and in some case can cause instantly death.

The blood in many secret societies, groups was used for ritual, open secret gates, doors. etc. for whatever reason but most stupid purpose.

So I highly recommended all of you stop donating, send out or receive in any blood for your own health and other’s health as well.

The Savior

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