Special Offer For Hong Kong Protesters To Help You Free From The Chinese Communist Party Valid Till 28/02/2020

Special Offer For Hong Kong Protesters To Help You Free From The Chinese Communist Party Valid Till 28/02/2020

Hi Hong Kong protester people,

I can help you guys and give you what you want: not just 5 demands you guys said online, but also a completely independent country just like the Taiwan, where you are the owner of your homeland Hong Kong from the top government.

But first you need to understand a basic law of life that there is no free lunch, everything is an exchange. You guys need to understand that now you guys have nothing to exchange with the Chinese Government for that 5 demands, protest alone is not enough and never be considered as a “product”.

Now you may wonder who I am and what “product” I have?

I already said I am the savior, and I have the most wanted product on the planet at this moment: the working cure/solution to solve the epidemic nCOV Covid-19.

The real dangerous and real deadly rate of that virus is at least 90% and the Chinese Government mainland knew about that. So this is the golden opportunity for you guys to free completely from the Chinese Communist Party.

The deal I want to make with you guys is very straight forward:

I will give you guys what you guys want: not just 5 demands but a completely own self government run like Taiwan, even if Chinese military want to go inside Hong Kong they must receive your permission.

I want to receive from you guys: act as my messenger to the Chinese Government, more a least like a public attention a speaker.

How to negotiate/deal with the Chinese Government is my job. I will going to include your “demand” into the deal with the Chinese Government.

Without me, the Chinese Government would collapse in the next 100 days for sure !!!

The nCOV Covid-19 is much more dangerous that they would imagine, even they are now using “spiritual teacher/teller, whatever” to do at lot of ritual everywhere, that is never enough, because this virus is heaven sent !!!

The deal will valid for 10 days from now 18/02/2020 to 28/02/2020.

After that deadline then everything will be off and I have to find another way to save this civilization from the destruction.

So if you guys want to make a deal with me then either comment down or via communication info at freejoy.aimoo.com or theworld.data.blog.

Without me, you guys have no product to exchange with the Chinese Government, remember that.

The time is short, the stake is too high. Too little risk but big reward are waiting for.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname

The Next Revolution In China Will Be “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”

The Next Revolution In China Will Be “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”

The nCOV new Corona virus outbreak is the tipping point and mark the end of the current system.

If the previous revolution about “physical goods sharing communist” then the next revolution in China will & must be the “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”.

Because the current system of China is monopoly dictatorship without competition/debate, and if have it only occur within inside the Chinese Communist Party, not the rest.

And because of that, the policies was made wrong lead to the misery of not the Chinese people but the rest of the world.

If you think you have the best suitable policy, why don’t you not let the rest judge first before implementation. If you cannot explain your policy in detail for the people to understand, then all of what you are doing is simply wrong !

Each people have their own different living condition, knowledge level & view, and you must respect that. You cannot force the rest follow your view, where most of politicians with only theory study, and with very little with real life experiment from the lowest point of society.

What you guys are propaganda and say people must live and study this and that person is wrong from the start, for the people do not get free money like the politician but have to work !

The question now is where the hex are the Chinese & Asian Elders?

Where are they, why don’t they appear at least at online internet community and face the challenge.

China nation will gone and vanish in next 90 days for sure without the “working cure” for the NCOV, there is no any other choice. This kind of battle was never taught before that why they are failing badly !!!

I repeat I am the only “player” on Earth have the working cure for this scary dangerous NCOV.

It is better to believe the crazy thing happen rather than wait and gone.

Communication Info: freejoy.aimoo.com or theworld.data.blog.

Best Regard,

The Savior

The Chinese Government & Communist Party Must Surrender To Save The People

The Chinese Government & Communist Party Must Surrender To Save The People

Save the people must be the number priority now in all nations especially in China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

The Chinese Communist party have failed, I am not here to criticise and repeat their mistakes what I have said 1 year ago. But I am here to say that they cannot continue like that, the China & Vietnam political system must change if they want to save the people.

The title “Communist Party” was badly abused by some group of people.

First you need to understand that the:
China nation = most non-communist party member + Chinese communist party member.

That same rule apply to Vietnam as well.

How many % people of from that “mafia party”? It less than 5%, but there are above the rest.

The default system of any nation is a single party already. There is no need for any single party control above the rest.

Many people & me do not agree with many “controlling & enslave people” policies of Chinese Government.

So in order for the “medicine” for the deadly new Corona Virus (nCOV) appear to the public, then the Chinese & Vietnamese Communist must either merge together or disappear. And then the politicians/leaders must completely from non any political parties & must have absolutely no relation with businesses sector as well.

That is a must demand from me & from many other nations & any entities who can save the people (who have solution for the nCOV crisis).

Without working solution & medicine, the China nation will 100% gone in 90 days from now.

How long it take for the Wuhan city with first nCOV case to become a deadly city? It is not even 60 days !!!

Use your common sense and do the math. Even able to stay alive till 90 days is way too optimistic. I would give China 50 days left from completely destruction.

There is absolutely no chance left to fix that mistake, it is completely game over for the Chinese Communist party, their mistake cost the rest of the world badly & deadly.

I highly recommend the Asian secret societies & Asian Government wake up and live more realistic.

I repeat I am holing a working medicine for the new Corona Virus (nCOV), if you want to solve the problem & save your own people then you must listen to me, there is no any other choice. The “referee” will never come out again and save you guys this time.

There are already many weather heaven signs (1 in 1000 years may not seen once) from the lunar new year till now.

I have already prepared a public “safe landing” solution from old system to new system already.

Communication Website: https://freejoy.aimoo.com or https://theworld.data.blog.


The Savior

A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

Many groups “behind the scene”, many secret societies have different ideologies about how to run planet Earth or more correctly: what living system is the best for all.

What is the best one, what is the most suitable one for all?

My answer is that all are not good enough, because the best the most suitable international living system in 2020 on Earth planet is the one I design below.

Why the design structure from me is better than all you guys?

Because I have reached immortals & nirvana state. Any of you have reach to that state.

If I have to put money on 2 sides one said already know the secret of immortality, and second is just mortal being. Then even without verify, the first one is always from draw to win over the second one.

That is just a quick introduction, now go into the main subject.

Basic Core Objective

– Free people mindset & their desire, let’s them self discover the truth and the God.

– Each nation will act similar like a social network website, and they will compete with each other fair & equal.

– Most people will have the rights to choose the most suitable nation/website base on their own believe.

– Groups with certain number of members will have the right to create a new nation, the new one must have completely different ideology with the rest, no copy/paste and manipulate others.

– Fair & equal competition here mean you can talk whatever or have any policy you like, there is no racist, no bad or good, but everybody must have the right to out or in freely.

Example: A nation with only white people who speak English, only yellow people who speak Chinese, or only black people who was born in Africa, etc.

If you ask whoever what is the final purpose from Creator God of humans, then my answer is that: it is just waste of time for you cannot verify it.

So the best target this civilization should be archive is respect each other ideology of how to run a nation. For at the end of the day, whether “capitalism” or “socialism, communism” or whatever, if you still die, then it is all the same.

So it is better to have real life experiment, real competition and give people free choice to live in a society in a nation they feel the best suitable for them.

How to implement a new international system with above objective?

I have already gave out the details of new financial system with 2 options for all nations.

Financial system is the main core to connect between nations.

The last, and the most important one is the Gold Key material where it is going to be global standard for all. Because it is too special that why it will revealed only after the Bronze Key & Silver Key requirement fully unlocked.

Gold Key will act like the international internet network for all nation social network website.

Nation must stop intervene and tell other nations of how to run their system for you are using your own situation your own mindset and think it is the way to go for the others. But the truth that is the way to self-destroy your own homeland at unseen spiritual level. Because if any national government “too bad” then they will either receive natural catastrophe or receive revolution from within.

What is better than my system? Have any mistake/loophole in above system?

As a savior, I am happy to have any debate with any of you.

But I am 100% confident that my international system is the best out of the all for it is respect people & respect nations fair and equally.

Forget about any traditional deal or agreement between secret groups/nations, that is not the way to go and it is just waste of time.

If you want any debate battle or communication, go to freejoy.aimoo.com.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

Beyond Public Education: 3 Different Government & Living System Styles

Beyond Public Education: 3 Different Government & Living System Styles

Many of you are trying to help your people your nations, but what you many governments & groups are doing is just about get a better deal, have a “better” policy, etc. You guys do not understand the core system because it was never in public and event secret education on Earth yet.

So today I am going to introduce and give you guys some free lunch free knowledge in allowed zone.

There are 3(three) major government & living system styles:

1. Neutral Referee.

2. Take-care Parents.

3. Absolute King.

Neutral Referee System

There is no any nations on Earth in 2020 using this system for modern era yet.

This system is like similar but is a perfect self-care “capitalism” version.

Some major features are:

– People do not have pay tax, but instead they only pay for the services they used from the government.

– Absolutely no benefit from the government: no pension, no free help care.

– The government stay completely away from all kind of businesses.


Take-care Parents System

Many nations are using this kind of system without even knowing it.

This version is kind of mix between the Neutral Referee and Absolutely King system.

If you treat Government as a parents then each citizens are their child. And there are always “good” & “bad” child, that is why it is very difficult to deal with, conflict interested.

Many features of this system are already happening on your real life so you can see it.

Absolute King System

This is the ancient system from history, but in the modern era in 2020, I do not see any nation successful build that system yet.

This is the perfect community “communism” version.

Many features of the current communism system you was & are seeing in Asia are not good enough, it still have many flaws, because they do not fair for everyone yet.

I have mastered everything so I can tell you some features of this system:

– There will be a system of work job level from the easiest to the hardest. And everybody must do all type of jobs level for their whole life time. Depend on the vision of the King, it could be 8 – 12 years per 1 level, 3 to 9 level total.

– There will be system about goods & stuffs: necessary, semi-necessary & non-necessary items.

– All necessary stuffs will be free like foods, living house/tent, education for everybody but everybody must work, must contribute to the society fair and equally.

– And outside the must-work time, everybody have chance to earn money to buy other stuffs.

That is the basic main feature of that system, any other feature if have also depends on the people, history, traditional culture & weather as well.

But in order for all nations to have fair trade (where trade deficit close to 0) with each other, they must unlock and use all full Bronze Key, Silver Key I have provided recently and the future Gold Key if they want to see & unlock it.

Some immigration nation like the USA, Canada, Australia can go and head to the Neutral Referee System, while some original with King system influenced till the today like North Korea, Bhutan can adopt Absolutely King System model. While the rest nations must develop system on their own and have policies base on their own situation, do not copy model policy from others, for that is not the way to go.

There is no such thing as free lunch, but if I have to provide a free one it must be something special like this one. If there is any real debate with huge reward about how the world the Earth planet should be run, then I can easily win over any of you guys. If you guys real want a better world better planet, you guys must spend money & resources.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower Anyname

The Korean Peninsula, China – Taiwan Will Either Fully Reunion In 2020 Or Never

The Korean Peninsula, China – Taiwan Will Either Fully Reunion In 2020 Or Never

Stop waiting some old ancient prophecy around the year 2044, where is the way, the road path?

The truth is that there is only one way, one perfect solution, which what I am holding the Gold Key.

The gold key going to help and solve the root problems of not Korea, China – Taiwan, but also the rest of the world.

The Zionism Israel is just a small sample from God to tell you the truth about all location on Earth.

There are many tribes, groups also want to have their own nation, own government as well.

What the Jewish USA doing around the world is just to emphasize that problem that desired of many.

The China cannot reunion with Taiwan by using virus, because God did not do that, because the best player on this Earth game which is me have the better way.

The Korean cannot reunion by traditional methods through normal agreement, for the Jewish USA do not agree unless it is going to solve the Israel & Palestine as well.

I have already said and made a clear demand that: no Bronze Key & Silver Key fully unlocked, no Gold Key.

The requirement & the “cost” of what I am demanding is just few little worthless cryptocurrency backed by air.

I have tried my best to open your mind set, but you guys must know that there is always divine law & order exist in all worlds all galaxies.

The final ultimate deadline is February 20th 2020. After that deadline, I am fully off the internet and stop talking more until my fully demanded is met or after a super big volcano eruption happen on Earth.

Take it, try it or refuse then die, it is up to you.

Best Regard,

The Lord The Savior Udumbara Flower

The Only Way For The Zionism Jewish People To Have Their Final Israel Land Settlement

The Only Way For The Zionism Jewish People To Have Their Final Israel Land Settlement

The only way is listen to the Messiah (me) and using my special strategy/solution.

There is no any other path way, whether you like it or not.

But in order to see the Gold Key content, the Bronze Key & Silver Key must be unlocked first.

I have provided the special solution to solve the international trade war & sanctions.

You can read that content and decide yourself whether I am the real Messiah or not.

Some million cryptocurrency is like nothing to the “rich money” Jewish people.

If you are the real Jewish real Zionism people, who want have their own final settlement on Israel nation, you must spend little resources and pay for the crypto currency giveaways at http://freejoy.aimoo.com/topic/Free_1_Million_BTC_Bitcoin_Airdrop_Giveaway_With_7_Days_Register_Only-705114-17891-2 .

The Gold Key is very special for it is also the solution to solve the land’s conflict in many area on Earth. The Israel Jewish situation is just a small example our of many.

If you want verify or have any question or have any conversation then using the forum & blog address of this original web post link.

Stop cause war & listen to any rabbi/gurus or anybody with only promise, you must listen to the people who can give you the real direction real path way with real solution like me. Do not assumption, do not dream, you must face the reality.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah