Oil Price Fall To Under $20, Stock Market To Loss 75%, Agriculture Export Nation Currency Will Raise Min 50% Value

Oil Price Fall To Under $20, Stock Market To Loss 75%, Agriculture Export Nation Currency Will Raise Min 50% Value

The truth is that the new corona virus NCOV is in fact the Bible end time legendary beast 666.

So if you think it will solved easily by drug or vaccines, then you are an idiots.

No matter what private & public governments are trying to cover, they cannot hide forever.

If you are an investor then as an entity who is holding the cure & solution for this legendary NCOV, I can give you some advice like this:

– Stock market in all nations will loss at least 75% compare to today market price.

– Oil price will fall below under $20 USD per barrel (could be $15 or $10 or even lower).

– The money currency of many agriculture nations will rise significantly, minimum 50% like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, etc.

So do not invest in any stock market but invest in currency if you want to seek some “profit return” after the NCOV events. That is the real Global Currency Reset event made by heaven.
Do you see it entertaining ?!

Of course you better stock foods first if you want to survive in advanced, money paper is just a paper only.

If you are seeking the timing and more insider news relate to the new corona virus, then the most reliable one is at theworld.data.blog. All the rest are propaganda and was heavily censored.

Best Regard,
The Savior

The Official Global Currency Reset Application Submission Webpage

The Official Global Currency Reset Application Submission Webpage

I am the entity who are giving you free money so you must follow the rule bellow if you want to receive “free lunch”.

Who allowed to join and send application?

Every organic humans on this planet Earth as long as you have & holding authentic paper money issued the the Governments.

How to receive the blessing free money?

First you need to send a application and second is waiting. You do not have to send any kind of documents, the whole process is base on trust and observed by Nature Earth.

Application Accepted Time: From now till the last day of the lunar month where the China, Vietnam replace their current mortal human picture on their paper money with either Buddhism, Taoism Gods/Goddess image and/or nature picture.

Payout Time: After that application time close, will start in 2020, “first come first payout”. Depend on the number and amount of money you guys are having.

Cap Payout: 500 billions Euro per year for whole event, there is no individual limit.

Payout method: via cryptocurrency, you will receive correct amount base on the market price on that day.

There will be direct buying from many non-profit entities in all nations so you don’t have to do any KYC like normal exchange. But there will be restriction of who will allow to sell to that entities, minimum amount 1 million Euro/USD per transaction.

There will be circulation paper money and historic bond note exchange.

All the current circulation paper money will receive face value.

While the historic bond paper money note will receive fixed valued at 1 million Euro per 1 note, apply only for the Zimbabwe ZWR series (27 notes, Trillions series)

Circulation Money Note Application Form:


The amount(number) of money do you have in hand (including dinar, dong, won, yen, etc.):

The cryptocurrency wallet you would like to receive (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.):

By sending this application, I take an oath with Nature Earth that the amount of money/currency I said above is correct & belongs to me.


Historic Bond Zimbabwe ZWR Note Application Form:


The number of Zimbabwe ZWR notes you have in hand:

The cryptocurrency wallet you would like to receive (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.):

By sending this application, I take an oath with Nature Earth that the amount of money/currency I said above is correct & belongs to me.


Submit Application Webpage (1 out 2):

That’s it, if you have any questions then open new topic, do not post in the application topic.

The choice is yours, this is the gambling you have to make, there is no any other way to receive free money without society contribution. But this offer is limited time.

Feel free to share this post to your friends, families, communities.

But remember this event only open till the last day of the lunar month where the China, Vietnam replace their current mortal human picture on their paper money with either Buddhism, Taoism Gods/Goddess image and/or nature picture. And will end in 2020.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Introduce The Official Global Currency Reset Exchange Redemption Center [Limited Time]

Introduce The Official Global Currency Reset Exchange Redemption Center [Limited Time]

The paper money only have value because of each people’s contribution, without that it just like normal worthless paper.

There are only two ways of making money: one is by hard working, two is by investing/gambling.

All the people in the GCR community who have bought foreign currencies and expecting receive free money are the second type people: investing/gambling.

In investing/gambling, you can only gain money if you pick the right entity at the right moment.

What all the foreign currencies you have like the dinar, rup, peso, dong, yen, won, zim, etc. are just the tokens allow you the play the game. And if you want to gain and have money you must pick the right entity at the right time in this madness Global Currency Reset event started 20 years ago.

In order to do that, you must able answer some basic question of life below:

1. What entity will give you the money?

Is that the Central Bank of Government or any rich money company.

Most of you are expecting the free money come from Government.

2. If the Government give you the free money, will it cause any chaos in life?

Look at the Venezuela, if the USA or any other nation floods with face value number exchange, that nation would collapse because of inflation, because too much people have invested in foreign currencies already.

3. I have received and heard a lot of good promise from many websites, so what should I do now?

The truth is that no any central bank government going to give you free money like what the Kuwait happened because it will 100% cause chaos in life even with NDA.

The only way for you to gain and have free money is looking for any entity who are rich and willing to give you the “blessing” free money.

And the only entity able to give all of you free “blessing” money is me.


Because I am holding the most wanted product many national government are waiting for: the perfect working cure/solution to solve the deadly epidemic NCOV COVID-19 problem. The real death rate once you got this virus is 99%, and it has the features of HIV + SARS + Cancer, so I can easily demand any mount of money from all national government as I want, because people’s live is the most important.

I cannot open this blessing event forever for it going to cause chaos in life.

So the “blessing” free money from me will have restrict limited time & rule, so if you miss it for any reasons, you can only blame yourself & the website you are following. Because the end of old system old way of life is near, I am just want to end the endless waiting for the Global Currency Reset community either in good or bad way, it is base on your own decision.

The Official Global Currency Reset Exchange Redemption Center Webpage: https://freejoy.aimoo.com/category/Official_Global_Currency_Reset_Exchange_Redemption_Center-18203-1


You can start fill your application and waiting to receive the “blessing” free money.

This event will only open till the last day of the lunar month where the public Government make indirectly GCR announcement where the China, Vietnam replace their current mortal human picture on their paper money with either Buddhism, Taoism Gods/Goddess image and/or nature picture.

You should read, analyst the whole GCR event carefully and make your own choice as soon as possible, there won’t be second chance from me!!!

You can and should share this post to the your friends, family and the Global Currency Reset community.

Best Regard,

The Savior

The Global Currency Reset Will Occur After The Epidemic NCOV Covid-19 Solved

The Global Currency Reset Will Occur After The Epidemic NCOV Covid-19 Solved

Nobody can verify the origin of the nCOV Covid-19, that is for sure.

Even if I tell you “referee Nature” or God or super Gods/Goddess or any extraterrestrial made them, then for what, can you force them to give you the cure? No. Humanity must find their own way to solve this crazy deadly epidemic problem.

What entity have a perfect working cure for this NCOV Covid-19 will take over the financial system and completely in charge of the Global Currency Reset event which was agreed by many secret societies, elders many years ago.

I am the entity who are holding that cure, so I can tell you that the Global Currency Reset will take place in 2020, and I am the entity who are giving you the “blessing” free money.

I have to write this publicly because many websites, blogs are refusing to post my article even under tag “rumor”, so that if any of you miss about the “blessing” free money then you cannot blame me, but blame that website/blog’s owner/admin/mod.

If you have a basic common sense, you should connect the dot and ask your self “Who going to give you the free money”?

1. Believe in a crazy online blogger like me who said having a working cure for the NCOV Covid-19.

2. Believe in nice words, tell and ask you to follow them even though they have made many false predictions.

To phrase it to more easier to understand: if you got the NCOV Covid-19, listen to crazy people who are saying have a working cure or listen to nice people who saying waiting, should try this or that drug but not sure work, which one will give you more chance of live more? Use your common sense.

The Global Currency Reset will begin and kick off in China, Vietnam where they have to remove “mortal humans” in their money bank note with either Buddhism Gods/Goddess or natural picture.

As a entity who are handling and give away the blessing for this event, I highly recommended you guys join the events I have posted on freejoy.aimoo.com or theworld.data.blog.

In the next few days all the Zimbabwe money bank note holder will have chance to submit their application and receive 1 million USD like what I have said/promised 2 years ago !!!

But remember, everything has limit, especially the time, so if you miss the blessing then you can only blame the websites you are following, do not blame me for I have tried and gave many warning online already.

If you want to have a good friend, know good people then do not show the wealth you have. You should poor look bad first, then give your final blessing after you know who is “good”, who is “bad”.

So you should use your brain, thinking more about my article and give you decision wisely and quickly. There is very little time left for all.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Saoshyant Anyname

What Is & How To Have An Equal Fair International Economic Trading Playing Field

What Is & How To Have An Equal Fair International Economic Trading Playing Field

A fair international trading field occur when you see the trade deficit between nation close to 0.

But that is not happening, in fact many nations do not want to have fair game.

An equal fair international trading field requirement:

– Each nation government must have their complete own control of their local national currency.

Basically, you only need that one and only requirement, all kind of other metric like tax, tariff, national own companies, etc. Are not necessary and not important.


The American cannot win against China, Vietnam, Japan, etc. on trade because the economic system of America is self individual “capitalist”, while the Asia is “communist” king style system.

That is like a small start-up company go against a giant old well established corporation.

Not just the USA, but any nations who are running that kind of system must understand that basic knowledge of trade. Your nation will always “losing” and have a high chance of must declare bankrupt or sell their land in exchange for removing debt.

The only path way to bring the game to same level playing field is you must control your own local national currency rate.

Who know more the value of the US Dollar than USA Government themselves? But that US Dollar are being used by many stupid group for their own gain, either via geopolitical or economic battle.

How the hell Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese’s government can know the true value of USD than the USA Government? It is impossible and non-sense, the issuer the creator must know their product more than the rest, that is the fact.

So all the government who are buy and sell foreign currencies are just the gambler who are trying to use the people for their own gain. If that happen on small area small nation which less than 1% world population, then it could be acceptable for fun & entertainment. But it happen on all kind of nations with big population, then that is not good.

The only solution only way to remove your nation trade deficit and have a equal playing field is to have an additional financial system in order to complete control over your issued currency money rate, there is no any other alternative, no other choice. What the effort trying to have a deal with other nations cannot solve the root problem.

I highly recommended all the patriot and military of all nations must take that notes and more importantly to deliver it for your own people, whoever in your national administrator go against is should be removed immediately. Because that is the basic knowledge of trading from ancient time, it is not rocket science.

Oh, do not forget to get my permission first, you must unlock and Bronze Key & Silver Key in order to use my invention, I have registered & sent it to the WIPO and all national government via email already.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

The Only Way To End The Economic Trade War Is Avoid The “Currency Middle Man”

The Only Way To End The Economic Trade War Is Avoid The “Currency Middle Man”

There is no any other way than using my new invention & solution, which is an additional financial system like I said few days ago.

If you treat US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Vietnam Dong, Russia Rub, etc. As a “product”, then you can see that product was “manipulated” by the “Middle Man”.

Who are the middle man?

The answer is your own government. They are buy & sell foreign currencies everyday. They are using that tool to control the price & power.

If you remove that feature, do not allow government buy foreign currencies & only allow them to sell their own product “local national currencies”, which are they are the issuer & surplus foreign currencies if have, then the problem about international sanctions & money trade war would dissappear in at least 95% location on Earth.

That is also the only way the United States Of America can avoid declear bankrupt, there is no other choice.

The West can start that additional financial system with the reason like: want people & businesses buy the US Dollar at the better rate, want reduce corruption, etc. I do not know what nations are their own allies, but they can start with that allies like the latino group.

While the East can start with the reason want to avoid sanctions like North Korea, Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

The current financial system is too complicated and has both 2 type of money: the first is “potential earn” credit money & the second is “finished product” cash money. That could be another reason to create the new additional financial system as well.

No any government can stop this, because everybody is connecting each other with the internet already. If your nation your government do not want to join then you probably see real protest with real reason, unlike the stupid “pay to protest” like what the USA are doing every where on Earth.

That is also the end for power & control over the currency.

The America must make a choice and understanding that they cannot use and influence others with the US Dollar any longer, so as the Asia nations where the currency rate is too low, at least 2-3 times than their real currency value.

You should remember the enemies of all kind of trade is the middle man, that same rule apply to currency as well.

Remember do not destroy the current SWIFT system with other system base on better technology, that will cannot solve the permanent problems of the mechanism. The only choice is new additional financial system.

If you want to use my new invention, do not forget to get my permission first, otherwise you will get doomed by natural weather forces.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Whatever-Name

The Global Currency Reset Event Is Happening In 2020

The Global Currency Reset Event Is Happening In 2020

I have provided a perfect solution/strategy to solve the problem about economic trade war.

No any entities can stop it now, the question now is what month in 2020 and which nations will allowed to join first.

Most nations and people on Earth will benefit it:

– It going to give each nation equal power & rights.

– You cannot impose international sanctions anymore.

– You cannot control the currency rate anymore.

You can force person banking in SWIFT system, while corporate banking in the new system if any government trying to “devalue/control” the price like China, Vietnam, Russia, etc.

You can have “protection people” currency value laws like: Government can only increase value of their if they have net surplus trading with the opponent nation.

Of course the former heavily communist nation will would love the new system as well, if the West do not remove all sanctions in SWIFT system, then Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc. Will go full on 100% “communist” banking system where 1 nation 1 bank which is also their central bank, apply to both personal & corporate as well.

Who can counter my strategy my solution?

You cannot counter a perfect one, a strategy when even say it loud say it publicly like this, the enemies the bad people cannot do anything against it.

The banking system will working like Yin – Yang, once the new system is implemented.

The mechanism is presented, the rest is just some easy technical stuffs.

Where is the reward of this solution?

I am happy to bring super volcano eruption in February 2020 if there is none in this month January 2020.

I only requested a little bit of cryptocurrency, nothing special, not too much.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Saoshyant Christ