The Wuhan China Virus Is Not Natural And It Must Come Out Or Have Related Directly With Lab House

The Wuhan China Virus Is Not Natural And It Must Come Out Or Have Related Directly With Lab House

People have living normal for many years without knowing any dangerous & deadly virus like that Wuhan Virus. If just because of eating just some fruit bat or animal, then you got that deadly Wuhan virus, Chinese people must got that virus much sooner but not now.

So the only way for the exist of Wuhan virus must either come out or have directly related with the Lab house.

Do you know a brutal mistake of many virus lab house?

They are doing research and have too much variety of virus. Then “somehow” all kind of different virus combine/merge together so the new born of a much more dangerous virus appear. That is the only way to explain for that Wuhan virus appeared and caused too much damages so far like that.

For anyone who still think that is either corona or fruit bat virus, you better wake up and use common sense, for all the identified virus if exist already, then you must already saw that similar deadly virus event before but not just now in 2020.

The information I have received from spiritual unseen world tell me that this is a ancient divine virus which exist from many million years ago on Earth. Nobody can escape dead unless you already know the secret of heaven and have reached immortal state, or receive the correct guide/direction from that high level kind of being.

There is no any other way, all the secret societies and even beings who can fly/teleport, etc. You can do your own test and see the result, then you can verify above information.

Here are some quick recommendation your national government should do:

1. Reduce the variety of virus in all virus lab to the minimum, if possible 1 family virus type 1 lab.

2. Stop all the flights in & out from China.
Because just like computer virus, the best way is shut down the internet or at least do not connect to any servers of “terminator/dangerous” countries.

3. Have the right guide & direction for your own people citizens.

4. Put the safety of the people first, not the GDP economic useless number.

As a savior I can easily give out the perfect suitable guide for any nations. But I cannot giving out here for the public because of 2 thing:

– 1 is someone can steal it and claim as his solution and/or ask others worship him/her or whatever.

– 2 is because of law of karma.

For you to easier to understand law of karma I can explain like this:

– You and the virus are fighting with each other. If I send you free guide to “overcome the virus”, then the virus will/can call whatever things to fight me because I have sent out my karma but not yet receive any karma receive in back. It must be 2 way street, even with just 1 dollar it still work.

If any national government want to save your own people and want to perfect guide then you can have a communication with me at or

There is little to no time left. The Bible Revelation already made that predictions about this deadly event. You can now either wake up or going to die, there is no either way.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Anyname

The Divine Truth About The Ancient Wuhan Virus, China On The Verse Of Total Collapse

The Divine Truth About The Ancient Wuhan Virus, China On The Verse Of Total Collapse

The real number people got infected Wuhan virus only the Governments know. What the number in the media is just for fun & not to scare people.

The truth is that many millions already got that ancient virus in China alone. If China Governments & Secret Societies cannot find the way, the perfect solution to solve this problem, then you can say goodbye forever China in 2020.

I just want to tell the Chinese Governments & Secret Societies behind many nations that: I am the only one can solve this problem, for I know this Earth game very well.

The Wuhan virus is like the fast speed of HIV + Cancer combine.

Nobody can destroy it just like you cannot destroy the animals for it is going to destroy the eco system.

To make easy for you to understand: the virus have 2 parts just like trees: a small seed and a big grow tree. What all the machine & technology can detect is just the big grow tree, why the small seed of that Wuhan virus & many other virus cannot be detected because they are too small.

That is the basic knowledge of virus any leaders should know. There are many secret about of virus but for the public reason, I am not going to post and tell here like how to solve the problem.

It is easy to solve the problem individual but it is an completely story to solve is at macro level whole society: because just like money do not disappear, it only transfer from entity to entity.

I have already said in previous post that: this Wuhan virus is a super ancient virus & cannot be treated like many other different virus. If 100 millions people got infected, you cannot have enough doctors & hospitals. I am not surprise if any big dams in China gonna break within next 12 – 18 months.

So if the China Government & Asia societies want the help from me, then you better quick or it would be too late once the Three Goddess Dam break.

What I want from you is just Chinese Yuan money note to give out many people in other country in Asia, because I am confident I can solve that problem that why I ask for some worthless paper if nation collapse.

There is little to no time left, no any public health expert can solve this problem for they cannot solve the easier problems like HIV, Cancer, then you cannot solve the bigger problem like this ancient Wuhan virus.

Communication Info: or

Best Regard,
The Savior Buddha

I Can Easily Solve Any Type Of Virus Problems In Human Body

I Can Easily Solve Any Type Of Virus Problems In Human Body

Finally something worthy to talk about. Only the real savior can solve this problem, but I am not going to help for free, it must come with something in return.

The corona virus or fruit bat virus or whatever type of virus happening in Wuhan, China is way too difficult for many beings able to handle it. But to me, it just too easy, why? Because I have mastered everything in this Earth game and the Universe.

There are only 2 type of virus in human body:

– One is the stupid virus can be treated with drug.

– Two is the smart virus cannot be treated with drug, but must with a special method.
This type of virus can be called as the divine virus, even beings with super abilities still can easily be dead if they do not know the way.

Base on the media & news, the Wuhan China virus is the second type. So you better forget about using vaccine, drugs or what ever method to destroy it, because that smart virus can easily hidding inside the human body even after any artificial drug go in.

I do not agree with what Chinese Administrator & Government handle the problems.

First, they do not know how to deal with the virus at mass quantity, so why let people come in the hospitals and allow them do the test.

If the person do not have that virus, then it is fine.

If the person have that virus, then how they can help them while they do not know the 100% working treatment.

At the end of day, it is only increase the problems.

The best temporary solution is stop do the test positive/negative virus at the hospital, and tell citizens stay at home. And give out the guideline for everybody through paper, television, radio, internet.

The doctor & facilities are limited, while the patients/people is at least 100 times bigger.

This is not a battle you can deal with quantity, this battle you must deal with knowledge & wisdom.

If the situation is really desperate and cannot be solved, why don’t you push bounty reward for whoever able to solve the problems? It is better to use the brain of billions people than rely on on few politicians and “health expert”.

I have said I can easily solve this epic virus problems, but it must come with something in return.

I will give the people special guideline & method to deal with all kind of virus not just this Wuhan virus alone.

For the mechanism & purpose of virus are all the same, you must able to understand the natural language, understand the creator God of virus & planet Earth if they want to solve this problem. This ancient virus is above the level of normal humans & most any beings with super abilities.

This fiction ancient virus only appear in novel but now hell yes appear on 3D normal Earth as well.

If any secret societies, governments, group want to solve this problem permanently, then find me at or I am only available from now to before February 20th 2020.

But remember there is no such thing as free lunch, I cannot giving out knowledge for free for it go against divine law & orders. But no working no charging !!!

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

Many groups “behind the scene”, many secret societies have different ideologies about how to run planet Earth or more correctly: what living system is the best for all.

What is the best one, what is the most suitable one for all?

My answer is that all are not good enough, because the best the most suitable international living system in 2020 on Earth planet is the one I design below.

Why the design structure from me is better than all you guys?

Because I have reached immortals & nirvana state. Any of you have reach to that state.

If I have to put money on 2 sides one said already know the secret of immortality, and second is just mortal being. Then even without verify, the first one is always from draw to win over the second one.

That is just a quick introduction, now go into the main subject.

Basic Core Objective

– Free people mindset & their desire, let’s them self discover the truth and the God.

– Each nation will act similar like a social network website, and they will compete with each other fair & equal.

– Most people will have the rights to choose the most suitable nation/website base on their own believe.

– Groups with certain number of members will have the right to create a new nation, the new one must have completely different ideology with the rest, no copy/paste and manipulate others.

– Fair & equal competition here mean you can talk whatever or have any policy you like, there is no racist, no bad or good, but everybody must have the right to out or in freely.

Example: A nation with only white people who speak English, only yellow people who speak Chinese, or only black people who was born in Africa, etc.

If you ask whoever what is the final purpose from Creator God of humans, then my answer is that: it is just waste of time for you cannot verify it.

So the best target this civilization should be archive is respect each other ideology of how to run a nation. For at the end of the day, whether “capitalism” or “socialism, communism” or whatever, if you still die, then it is all the same.

So it is better to have real life experiment, real competition and give people free choice to live in a society in a nation they feel the best suitable for them.

How to implement a new international system with above objective?

I have already gave out the details of new financial system with 2 options for all nations.

Financial system is the main core to connect between nations.

The last, and the most important one is the Gold Key material where it is going to be global standard for all. Because it is too special that why it will revealed only after the Bronze Key & Silver Key requirement fully unlocked.

Gold Key will act like the international internet network for all nation social network website.

Nation must stop intervene and tell other nations of how to run their system for you are using your own situation your own mindset and think it is the way to go for the others. But the truth that is the way to self-destroy your own homeland at unseen spiritual level. Because if any national government “too bad” then they will either receive natural catastrophe or receive revolution from within.

What is better than my system? Have any mistake/loophole in above system?

As a savior, I am happy to have any debate with any of you.

But I am 100% confident that my international system is the best out of the all for it is respect people & respect nations fair and equally.

Forget about any traditional deal or agreement between secret groups/nations, that is not the way to go and it is just waste of time.

If you want any debate battle or communication, go to

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Living Beings Are Immortal And Nirvana

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Living Beings Are Immortal And Nirvana

Many of you may wonder what is the ultimate purpose of living?

It cannot be money, power & energy.

I can tell you that: everything happen for a reason, nothing happen by chance.

The purpose living of any livings including humanity is to know their creator, is to know the purpose of that creator for them. Know here does not mean know the face but know the characteristic & others.

But in order to do that, each living human must become immortal and able to reach the state “Nirvana”. The secret of Nirvana is not about the power, energy, that I can tell all the groups, societies who are chasing for power and energy.

The Law Of Creation tell humanity that: they was not born with free help from their Creator, so they must finding out the solution on their own.

The Earth planet you are living in is just a very low tier planet, there are much more other higher tier planets and tier beings exist in the whole Universe, Galaxy.

But in the end it is all about Immortal & Nirvana.

Ask yourself: how much power, how much energy is enough to conquer everything in the Universe?

The answer is that it will never enough because all beings all entities are all under “Law Of Creation”.

Nobody can teach others for you must find out on your own because that is about the connection between you and the “top”. No any doctor can know more the feeling, condition inside the sickness than that patient.

As the information provided in the online, internet. If you guys have determination, then you will find out the secret of God and others, stop chasing for money, power & energy.

The more you dig in any direction any subject, the less room less memory for you to find out the ultimate truth of the Universe, the secret of God.

The only way I can help and allowed to help this civilization is by indirectly way. But if you guys do not open your mind set and seek solutions, then you guys not will but going to face real natural catastrophe like many ancient civilizations in history.

Can any of you able to answer the simply question of what is the purpose & intention of God for humanity and this civilization?

If you guys do not have the answer or do not even want to debate, do not have gut to admit mistake and have a trial, then you guys do not deserve to live.

The secret is too easy but too hard at the same time.

Have Fun,

Best Regard,

The Lord The Savior With Anyname You Would Like To Call

The Korean Peninsula, China – Taiwan Will Either Fully Reunion In 2020 Or Never

The Korean Peninsula, China – Taiwan Will Either Fully Reunion In 2020 Or Never

Stop waiting some old ancient prophecy around the year 2044, where is the way, the road path?

The truth is that there is only one way, one perfect solution, which what I am holding the Gold Key.

The gold key going to help and solve the root problems of not Korea, China – Taiwan, but also the rest of the world.

The Zionism Israel is just a small sample from God to tell you the truth about all location on Earth.

There are many tribes, groups also want to have their own nation, own government as well.

What the Jewish USA doing around the world is just to emphasize that problem that desired of many.

The China cannot reunion with Taiwan by using virus, because God did not do that, because the best player on this Earth game which is me have the better way.

The Korean cannot reunion by traditional methods through normal agreement, for the Jewish USA do not agree unless it is going to solve the Israel & Palestine as well.

I have already said and made a clear demand that: no Bronze Key & Silver Key fully unlocked, no Gold Key.

The requirement & the “cost” of what I am demanding is just few little worthless cryptocurrency backed by air.

I have tried my best to open your mind set, but you guys must know that there is always divine law & order exist in all worlds all galaxies.

The final ultimate deadline is February 20th 2020. After that deadline, I am fully off the internet and stop talking more until my fully demanded is met or after a super big volcano eruption happen on Earth.

Take it, try it or refuse then die, it is up to you.

Best Regard,

The Lord The Savior Udumbara Flower

I Am Holding The Sacred 7th Seals Of The Bible [Gold Key]

I Am Holding The Sacred 7th Seals Of The Bible [Gold Key]

As the savior, I can tell you that I am holding the 7th Seals of the Bible.

What is the 7th seals of the Bible?

They are just a bunch of knowledge, wisdom & solution to solve the conflict between nations & people. I have revealed some at webpage, but the main core content which is the gold key still not being revealed, for it is too special and have very high standard & requirement.

As the holder, I can say that the gold key 7th seals will either being revealed in 2020 or only after a big super natural catastrophe like the super volcano eruption. It is all depends on you, it is all up on you guys, for it will revealed only after the Bronze Key & Silver Key fully get unlocked, there is absolutely no other way.

The core content of the 7th seals is a perfect solution to solve the major conflicts about land & territory between groups & people, which exist from many thousand years already.

I can also tell you that, after the 7th seals revelation to the public, there will be many more new countries, basically 1 language 1 nation. Many long lost dynasties throughout history also have their chance to rebuild their homeland.

My requirements are too little, but if you guys do not have faith do not want to try and verify my identity, then it would be your deadly mistake.

The Earth planet always connect to the star & the galaxy, so there always a law & order apply to everything. I cannot break that law and give you guys free help, for if you do not born with it so the creator do not want it, that is law of Creation.

Stop waiting for any being come out of no where and give free help, you guys must trust and find your own solution, if you guys do not spend money & resources then there is no way. Each people have their own mindset, do not put your “stupid” mindset and think others will think similar like you, for it not going to happen.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname