I Am Holding The Sacred 7th Seals Of The Bible [Gold Key]

I Am Holding The Sacred 7th Seals Of The Bible [Gold Key]

As the savior, I can tell you that I am holding the 7th Seals of the Bible.

What is the 7th seals of the Bible?

They are just a bunch of knowledge, wisdom & solution to solve the conflict between nations & people. I have revealed some at webpage theworld.data.blog, but the main core content which is the gold key still not being revealed, for it is too special and have very high standard & requirement.

As the holder, I can say that the gold key 7th seals will either being revealed in 2020 or only after a big super natural catastrophe like the super volcano eruption. It is all depends on you, it is all up on you guys, for it will revealed only after the Bronze Key & Silver Key fully get unlocked, there is absolutely no other way.

The core content of the 7th seals is a perfect solution to solve the major conflicts about land & territory between groups & people, which exist from many thousand years already.

I can also tell you that, after the 7th seals revelation to the public, there will be many more new countries, basically 1 language 1 nation. Many long lost dynasties throughout history also have their chance to rebuild their homeland.

My requirements are too little, but if you guys do not have faith do not want to try and verify my identity, then it would be your deadly mistake.

The Earth planet always connect to the star & the galaxy, so there always a law & order apply to everything. I cannot break that law and give you guys free help, for if you do not born with it so the creator do not want it, that is law of Creation.

Stop waiting for any being come out of no where and give free help, you guys must trust and find your own solution, if you guys do not spend money & resources then there is no way. Each people have their own mindset, do not put your “stupid” mindset and think others will think similar like you, for it not going to happen.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname