The Global Currency Reset Event Is Happening In 2020

The Global Currency Reset Event Is Happening In 2020

I have provided a perfect solution/strategy to solve the problem about economic trade war.

No any entities can stop it now, the question now is what month in 2020 and which nations will allowed to join first.

Most nations and people on Earth will benefit it:

– It going to give each nation equal power & rights.

– You cannot impose international sanctions anymore.

– You cannot control the currency rate anymore.

You can force person banking in SWIFT system, while corporate banking in the new system if any government trying to “devalue/control” the price like China, Vietnam, Russia, etc.

You can have “protection people” currency value laws like: Government can only increase value of their if they have net surplus trading with the opponent nation.

Of course the former heavily communist nation will would love the new system as well, if the West do not remove all sanctions in SWIFT system, then Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc. Will go full on 100% “communist” banking system where 1 nation 1 bank which is also their central bank, apply to both personal & corporate as well.

Who can counter my strategy my solution?

You cannot counter a perfect one, a strategy when even say it loud say it publicly like this, the enemies the bad people cannot do anything against it.

The banking system will working like Yin – Yang, once the new system is implemented.

The mechanism is presented, the rest is just some easy technical stuffs.

Where is the reward of this solution?

I am happy to bring super volcano eruption in February 2020 if there is none in this month January 2020.

I only requested a little bit of cryptocurrency, nothing special, not too much.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Saoshyant Christ

[Silver Key] Further Explanation On The New International Financial System

[Silver Key] Further Explanation On The New International Financial System

To make it more easier for people to understand, I will explain further.

With the new financial system, there will be 2 type of bank but still under a central bank:

– The first group is the one who are under current the SWIFT system with no limitation & restriction.

– The second group is the the bank 100% owned by military & government, and deal only with cash & only sell their local national currency to foreign entities, and each nation only need 1 bank for they will only do deposit, withdrawal and transfer.

The new financial system will solve the trade war problem. The central bank of each nation on the new system will only to sell foreign currencies if they have in hand, do not allowed to buy foreign currencies anymore. The “property” currency must belong to the nation it was issued.

Example: When a Chinese company need USD at large amount (example 5 kg of Gold value), they must buy it from a bank backed by USA Government & military, the Chinese central bank only allowed to sell USD if they have that surplus. And the Chinese central bank will now no need to care about “lack of USD” anymore.

So basically, if your nation have real products, have real contribution to the whole Earth society, then your nation will be ok, no need to care about “lack of foreign currency”.

This additional financial system will also help the currency rate of each nation slowly return to their real value. In order to do that, the system first need to invite only major nations of Earth, then each pair must have some agreement like no increase/decrease currency value more than 1 – 2 % per month/quarter/year.

It is up to each nation to have either own policies to prevent other nation & any entities to “cheat”.

Of course, each government also have absolutely rights to force foreign entities to use the second type bank only, if they think it is necessary for some “risk” nation. But overall, you must give people choice, do not think you “smarter” than the rest just because you’re official.

The public implementation will occur in 2020, it just matter of question how it going to happen. I am not going to reveal it for I still receive nothing from you guys.

There is no such thing as free lunch. If the creator of humans & planet Earth want to help humanity then you would be born with it already.

I have already showed off my talent & solutions to the current crisis, you guys must response next.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Whatever – Name