The New Perfect Fair International Direct Cash Transfer Central Banking System [Silver Key]

The New Perfect Fair International Direct Cash Transfer Central Banking System [Silver Key]

Bronze key is not enough for the “language” most of government and secret group behind nation care now is a “better” financial system. So I have decided to open the Silver Key content in advance, but that not going to occur with the Gold Key. Without the gold key, a perfect new financial system where all sides will agree does not mean anything, for the gold key is the only one to solve to root problem of this civilization. Take your popcorn, a cup of tea or coffee and repeat the sounding joy !

=====International Direct Cash Transfer Central Banking System (IDCTCBS)=====

1. Introduction

The new financial system must solve at least 3 problems:

– No more “control” price, currency rate. -> Demand from the West.

– No more “control” right, permission. -> Demand from the East.

– It must co-exist harmony with the current SWIFT system -> Demand from everybody, from the system, it cannot crash the current financial system.

All that “demand” you will see with your own eyes in the this financial system. I am going to focus on the mechanism, not so much not technical issues for the basic core is the most important while the security or convenient is up to each nation each government to decide by themselves.

2. Features

– Allow people to choose between this new system and the current SWIFT system, no “forces”, but focus on high network entities.

– Focus on only basic need like Deposit – Withdrawal – Transfer. There won’t be any kind of card, loan, borrow, etc.

– Focus on high value transaction like require minimum transaction is 1 kg of gold, the minimum balance new account is 10 kg of gold, etc. Up to each nation.

– Fast transfer, must be completed within from 1 to 24 hour, but people who “own” the money must take responsibility, once it sent it will never back even if it was hacked or by your mistake.

– Central bank of any currency will “own” all bank account world wide open with that currency in this new system.

– Each central bank must have one new 100% own bank (own by 100% government + military).

3. Mechanism

For every nation who want to join the system they will need:

– A central bank with code name, a currency with code name, and a new bank with 100% own by government.

– Of course they need a stable politic and must be with high population/GDP. Small islands/nations cannot join the system, they must use the current SWIFT system.

That new & only bank will focus on the currency of that nation.

Example: that Chinese bank will only allow to sell the Chinese Yuan, open new bank account in Chinese Yuan, they are not allowed to buy/sell any other foreign currency.

But when a Chinese company want to buy the US Dollar, they must buy it from the USA Central Bank (Federal Reserve).

Each nation will decide the currency rate they willing to sell by themselves and pair with different nation’s currency, they can update is once a day or 1, 2, 3, etc. Hours or whatever they like.

2 nations can only trade with each other in the new financial system if they have an agreement and able to find the “sweet” point between. Here are something like minimum value of each transaction, bank account balance, open trading time, security, etc.

4. Technical

Each central bank will have name code, currency will have currency code as well.

In order for “fair” point then the total characters of name code + currency code must not over 9 characters.

Example: EU + Euro, China + CNY, Japan + Yen, Viet + Dong, Russia + Rub, USA + USD, etc.

Whenever a bank account open, if:

– With domestic currency -> the account will start with name code + currency code.

Like JapanYen, ChinaCNY, USAUSD.

– With foreign currency, it will be your main account currency code + foreign currency code.

Example: RubEuro, DongUSD, etc.

But with the control government bank the bank account will display as EURub, USADong.

The privacy must be absolute, each nation only allowed to record their own people info. If you willing to open foreign account, you cannot see the info of that entity, you can only check with your counterpart if there is evidence that entity violate some laws.

The server and database will look like:

Main bank server -> Server 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc.

Where 1, 2, 3, etc. work for each nation like USA – China, USA – Canada, USA – Japan, etc.

So only your nation and 1 other nation know the IP address, server details.

While the security provide for your own people is up to each nation standard, it can trade offline only and/or online with own risk, etc.

5. Conclusion

So everybody have the right to set their own currency rate, the right to trade with other nation without any restriction even if you have nuclear weapon or not. And it going to work perfectly fine with the current SWIFT system. Remember when trading between nation it often big value transactions matter the most, not the small one.


Is that the 7th seal and what all of you are waiting for?

How implement is another question. I can only reveal more detail once the bronze key unlocked, and do not want to reveal it public post like this.

That is the Silver Key, and here is the unlock requirement:

– Payout all 20 million BTC Bitcoin + 20 million ETH Ethereum for the blessing giveaways program at: .

– The source of all bitcoin, ethereum must be “clean and clear” like it must come from reputable exchange platform.

That only reason I have shared it because the Gold Key is the most important one, and I just want give all of you fair & equal opportunity.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name