The Easiest Way To Remove Bad Politicians Is By Gambling Knowledge About Global Warming & CO2 Emission

The Easiest Way To Remove Bad Politicians Is By Gambling Knowledge About Global Warming & CO2 Emission

Knowledge is power, and you should use that power to find out the truth, to “drain the swamp” & to remove all bad politician, bad celebrities out of public circulation.

Now there are 2 sides one argue that CO2 emission (too much) is the main problem lead to global warming, the other side said it is not. So why don’t you have a bet to gambling your career ?!

That is the best counter attack Donald Trump & the American patriots can make now.

It is very easy to find out the truth by removing & stop all the industrial activities for 7 days in all nations then observe the planet temperature.

It is meaningless to say to argue this or that without real life evidence. All of you must stop it !!!

All the so called politicians who do not even have basic knowledge about Earth environment must be stopped, if you want money go to do business, there cannot be un-cautchable corruption anymore.

From all the army, military & patriots people mind set, you must pick the leader with basic knowledge about the environment, not to follow the agenda/ideology you have been manipulated.

That is the most easiest & quickest way to have your country your nation back from the “bad” people !!!

Nobody can change side and their opinion now about that topic around global warming.

Will Donald Trump declare the Democrat are lying about global warming and are deceiving the public the people, will he have gut to gambling his presidency with the safest bet of all time.

I have provided real life evidence with statistics in real life: CO2 Emission too little cause global warming not the reserve.

Will this world going to have the most entertaining & biggest gambling bet of all time?

I think is time to find out the truth, our home our planet is on fire because of stupid decision stupid people !!!

Without real life experiment real life result, all the theory all talk are meaningless. Do no regret your decision because the basic mistake, go big without small example in advance.


The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Saoshyant Christ Kalki Anyname

The Fastest & Only Way To Find Out The Real Life Truth About Global Warming & CO2 Emission

The Fastest & Only Way To Find Out The Real Life Truth About Global Warming & CO2 Emission

This whole civilization on the edge of total collapse because they do not know their living environment. Many ancient civilization already collapsed because of the “weather & climate change”.

But now in this world, many are just wasting time for the useless nonsense theory fight, argument about the subject Climate Change, Global Warming & CO2 Emission, without the end result.

It is very simple to know the truth about that subject.

All you need to do is having a real Earth life experiment.

What & How?

In 7 days, You (all nations) just need to stop all the so called activities after pre-industrial era, or at least reduce it as maximum as possible, then see the global temperature during that time frame.

In order to do that, the “elites money group” & all companies still have to pay wage during that small 7 days time frame. You all can treat it as the world holiday or environment testing holiday or what ever reason.

During that 7 days, people should must stop almost all factories, using more bicycle, walk, etc.

That is the only way & fastest way to end the theory battle about the Global Warming subject.

There is no any other choice.

Experiment within a small housing lab and real whole Earth life are not the same !!!

And you need the real life result, real life factual, not any small sample.

That is the very straight forward proposal, I do not get paid for design this test so you guys must do on your own to create the content of this test. But in general, everyone will happy because they will have 7 days holiday but still getting paid.

The “Elites” group can gambling their money or even public positions from celebrity to government official with each others if they have gut to do so. It would be very fun to watch if that happen.

It is time to face the truth, stop wasting time for useless theory battle without real life experiment.

I am not here to giving out the “potential” theory result, I am just here to giving out the solution to end the conflict between stupid people & entities.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname