The New Corona Virus NCOV Is The Best Weapon To Unmask False Prophet, Fake Chosen One, Any Beings Claimed This That

The New Corona Virus NCOV Is The Best Weapon To Unmask False Prophet, Fake Chosen One, Any Beings Claimed This That

There are so many false prophets, fake chosen, all kind of beings has claimed this that on planet Earth.
And do you know that the new corona virus NCOV is at God level?

Yes you read it right. This legendary beast at God level, not just a virus.

I know many of you have follow and listen to some people you called as boss or leader, and prophets, fortune tellers, any kind of beings have any kind of super abilities, powers, etc.

All you need to do is challenge all of them to drink/eat contain just one new corona virus NCOV !!! Or just go to outside without wearing any mask, protection clothes, etc.

If they are the real deal and have the support from God, they will and never die because of this tiny virus name as NCOV. If they are not the “chosen one” and their decision are wrong, then they will 100% die for sure. This rule apply to all kind of beings on planet Earth including all kind of nature Gods who have super abilities this that, or beings who you are worshiping, etc.

And for normal people, if you have gut then just go to online and say it lound “I do not scare of the new corona virus NCOV, NCOV come to me, I am not going to wear any kind of mask when go outside”.

Hey all sleepy readers, any of you have gut to say and to do so?

You should ask your politicians and governments do it as well.

A real chosen will never fear and can die because of this small virus.

I am giving all kind of false prophets, fake leaders, fake savior, all kind of beings claims this that few weeks to do so.

As a real savior, I am do not scare of this God level virus.

You guys have more chance to survive and become immortals if you listen to me than any kind of beings/groups you are following.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha Anyname

3 Important Questions Must Be Answered If You Want To Know More About The New Corona Virus NCOV

3 Important Questions Must Be Answered If You Want To Know More About The New Corona Virus NCOV

The only way to know more the features of the new corona virus NCOV is using common sense by answer some basic but important questions relate this legendary beast.

It is not time for science in small lab house. It is time for real knowledge and wisdom.

Here are the 3 important new corona NCOV COVID-19 questions:
1. Why the new corona virus NCOV type in Europe is much more dangerous, powerful than the one in China?

2. Why people who get test result as negative or positive change in few days even though they are alone and in self isolation?

3. Why in a same fight, event with infected people, some people get infect through human transmission, but some not?

I do not want to scare any of you, but this legendary beast have many deadly features of all the diseases human ever faced from history till today.

1. All kind of drugs, vaccine and machines only “empower” this beast. I guess some of you in secret societies and government already know this.

It is like buying items with credit card instead of cash.

It may look better at first, but later the virus become more powerful and the problem more worse.

2. Can this virus have “winter standby” feature so that make negative positive test switch and are meaningless -> 100% yes. You cannot delete/remove this virus by using any kind of medicine including the traditional methods, they only go to hidden place just to evolve in human body.

3. I have said already this virus can detect good and bad beings. What is “good” or “bad” is always a mysterious to all.

I still repeat that I am the only player on the game can handle this problem at macro public level to individual level. You guys better stop gambling and rely on other “experts” who still not sure what is going on. There is no time left !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

The Winning Victory Conditions For Humanity In The War With The New Corona Virus NCOV

The Winning Victory Conditions For Humanity In The War With The New Corona Virus NCOV
To me this is just a lesson for humanity to study and overcome.

Many of so called public national leaders have declared war with the new corona virus COVID-19, mainly because they are scare the shit & may lose their power over people if this continue for few months.

In every games, sports, and even war with aggressive invaders in history, you always know the winning victory condition before go into the battle and fight.

But now in the battle against with invisible legendary corona virus NCOV, do any of you who are working and get paid for the job relate to COVID19 even know what is the winning condition yet?

Do you leaders/bosses even know and told you, yet?

Sadly, the answer is no. Most if not all of you have no clue what is going on, you guys are speculating and walking into wrong direction.

Why I said that?
Because you guys do not even know what is the victory condition path look like in a wide boderless desert, and their actions/policies tell me that.

For the public people to understand that:
Everything must start with theory, must begin with thought first, then with actions.

You guys must know that the winning victory condition in theory in this battle is fully know the features, weakness and strength of the new corona virus NCOV.

And the winning condition in real life action is people back to work “normally” like it used to without causing chaos.

I remind all of you that the new corona virus NCOV have around 70% the structure of SARS according to public media said.

And the SARS was “cured” in history not because of any drug or vaccine made in lab house, but rather than human know their feature, weakness by accident.

So the same path must apply to the new corona virus NCOV as well, there is no any other choice.

If you think any drug or vaccine can “cure” this virus then you are just a dreamer stupid people, it cannot happen in this world where you are living in because of the history and “majority law” say so.

Many of you have no champion characteristic, do not declare victory, do not smile until the battle finally end in real life.

If you cannot help your nation back to “normal”, then stop talking about helping other nations, it may be “help” in advance or “kill” action in the future when you fully know the features of this legendary beast NCOV.

Life is full of surprise, and this legendary beast have and will continue bring that to you, it is above level all of you.

You guys better wake up, give up and seeking help from outsider quick before it is too late.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Anyname

International Organization Governments Are Using Wrong Strategy & Handling The Corona Virus Outbreak Poorly

International Organization Governments Are Using Wrong Strategy & Handling The Corona Virus Outbreak Poorly

Many if big international organization and national governments either in secret or in public are using wrong strategy for public affair, they are committing suicide.

Here are the strategy they are using from the beginning:
– Lying, cover up & expect the “legendary corona virus NCOV 666” go away miracle.
– First they are saying it not dangerous, second it will gone away in summer, etc.
– Rely on stupid science instead of using common sense.

Now they are completely out of hand, out of control already in Europe and North America.

They are accident create much more fear, why?
Because the citizens was told they are not dangerous from the beginning, but the truth they face in real life is the absolutely opposite. And to the point where many top government officials pass away because of this NCOV, that when the maximum fear was created.
Citizens will ask and wonder even top government officials with top notch medical team & devices cannot save themselves, how can us normal casual people can stay alive ?!

If I was in charged, I would rather tell the truth like this: “this is a new type of virus, look very dangerous, some of us may be die because of that NCOV. But the good news is that, we just need fully know their features strength and weakness, so we can easily overcome it just like many history new virus appearance. Do not worry, just treat it as a new dangerous animal or a novel virus.

So it that was spoke to the public at first, all the number death rate or any casualty are meaningless. But now instead people not just fear because of death/infected number, but also a lot of other subjects like “how the hell we can survive, what is the way while even top government officials have gone because of this NCOV?”

As a savior I can still tell you that: only me can handle this situation and this catastrophe, but I am not going to give it freely so any entities/beings can steal it.

You know what website to contact and have a direct communication with me online.

Best Regard,
The Savior

The Bible Famous End Time Words Mark Of The Beast Is The New Corona Virus NCOV

The Bible Famous End Time Words Mark Of The Beast Is The New Corona Virus NCOV

All of you are witnessing and living in the end time was written and predicted in the Bible.

The beast and the mark 666 in the revelation are in fact the new Corona virus NCOV COVID-19 & sickness.

A beast cannot be just a number, it must has features and powerful.

666 is six six six, but can be easily say as sick sick sick !!!

Do you see people get sick because of this virus?

Do you see almost all people are talking about this virus every single day?

I have provided a lot of real information about this beast.

If you want to have better chance to survive then you better read it carefully, I do not want to post repeat too much information.

And only me can save you out of this madness global pandemic event.

I have many type of cures such as public cure for everyone (both save people but also do not crash the way of life) and the private cure base on each people situation with fast spreed recovery and healing, but cannot be use and revealed in the public.

The “poor” do not need to pay any money, while I only charge the rich money people.

More info you can read at

Do no underestimate that beast 666 corona virus NCOV, you better scare, learning, adapting to have even a chance to survive out of this global pandemic end time event.

Best Regard,
The Savior

Do Not Trust Science, Using Common Sense If You Want To Overcome Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV Pandemic

Do Not Trust Science, Using Common Sense If You Want To Overcome Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV Pandemic

If you are trust in science and scientist then you would be doom and die because of this virus for sure. Small entities cannot measure much bigger entities. A small lab house cannot talk and predict correctly about nature Earth planet work & function. Humanity must use common sense and answer questions with theory and possibility.

First, science said this virus is not dangerous.

Second, only affect Asia, do not affect with the “White people”.

Third, spread fastest rate with cold climate, will die in hot high temperature.

The first two are already wrong, and the third is going to be wrong 100% as well for sure.

The full strength of the new corona virus COVID-19 will appearing in the summer when with high hot temperature, they will able to fully grow.

If you and/or any groups/entities can prove a lot of information I have said about the new corona virus is wrong, I would instantly close my website !!!

The Europe & America are paying big and heavy price for ignoring my words and instead they have trusted in so called Chinese scientist and related.

The fact is that many millions people in Europe/America already get infected with this Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19, they are just have not yet do medical test. And many nations on the verse of collapse because of this virus as well.

This corona virus is not racist and treat all nations, all beings the same equally & fair.

It is not time to only to talk about positive. It is time to face the hard truth and talk about the corona virus NCOV COVID-19 in all kind of theory and possibility.

Many big international organization and national governments do not have any clue about the features and how this virus function, but they do not allow to talk about the theory and possibility of this virus. How freaking stupid, they are the real evil the antichrist !!!

I just want to post article online so people will have more chance to survive, and the evil must going to die for sure. They are going against the Savior, that why they are must die.

The lower level beings must listen and follow the order of higher level beings, that is unwritten law & orders of all planets & the Universe.

I am not going to give out cure & solution freely publicly so “some evil” can steal it.

It must come with special restrict condition. I have fast private cure and slow public cure, and ready to unleash it any moment when the “ripe condition” are met. There is no such thing as free lunch !!!

Best Regard,
The Savior

Doing Urine Test Is The Best Method To Find Out Who Get Infected With New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 SARS-COV-2

Doing Urine Test Is The Best Method To Find Out Who Get Infected With New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 SARS-COV-2

The most quickest and safest way to find out who get infected with the new corona virus COVID-19 is do the urine test.

The truth is that the current positive negative test are crap and look more like a scam, out-of-date methods.

The restrict travel ban from other nations or quarantine people 14 days are just waste of time and it cannot solve the root problem. But only to chaos more economy and life damage & chaos.

Why I said that?

First, what if the new corona virus reside and/or merge with undetected location in human body like liver, lung, borne, etc. ?

Second, by taking a very small portion of blood you can only tell that position have corona virus NCOV or not , but what if the blood in other location have the new corona virus NCOV, then you cannot tell.

That is the very possibility and the most explanation theory why people who have “recovered” but still able to get infected. And why people get negative test receive one day, but receive positive test the day after.

The virus or diseases name is just a name only, if you want to treat and self-control you must treat with symptom inside body, ignore all the stupid test. For even if you know the test result, then what? Have any drug able to “cure” the new corona virus or HIV or cancer, etc. Instantly? No !!!

But if you have to make a test to find out who get disease who get NCOV COVID-19, then the best way & method is doing the Urine Test.

If you can doing urine test with doping in sport, then there is no any reason why you cannot do it with the NCOV COVID-19. The only question is what chemicals or what machine test will be used.

That job is for the group with money like governments, international organization, not mine.

Imagine if you can test to check who get infected with the NCOV COVID-19 with urine only within 15 minutes or almost instantly, then life would be more easier.

I highly recommend you stop taking and doing any stupid test with blood, but instead take care your body with symptoms, disease name is just a name to make fear and to scare you.

There is no any drug vaccine able to deal with many diseases yet for each people body are not the same, only you can save you, the best doctor of you is you only.

Best Regard,
The Savior