Doing Urine Test Is The Best Method To Find Out Who Get Infected With New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 SARS-COV-2

Doing Urine Test Is The Best Method To Find Out Who Get Infected With New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 SARS-COV-2

The most quickest and safest way to find out who get infected with the new corona virus COVID-19 is do the urine test.

The truth is that the current positive negative test are crap and look more like a scam, out-of-date methods.

The restrict travel ban from other nations or quarantine people 14 days are just waste of time and it cannot solve the root problem. But only to chaos more economy and life damage & chaos.

Why I said that?

First, what if the new corona virus reside and/or merge with undetected location in human body like liver, lung, borne, etc. ?

Second, by taking a very small portion of blood you can only tell that position have corona virus NCOV or not , but what if the blood in other location have the new corona virus NCOV, then you cannot tell.

That is the very possibility and the most explanation theory why people who have “recovered” but still able to get infected. And why people get negative test receive one day, but receive positive test the day after.

The virus or diseases name is just a name only, if you want to treat and self-control you must treat with symptom inside body, ignore all the stupid test. For even if you know the test result, then what? Have any drug able to “cure” the new corona virus or HIV or cancer, etc. Instantly? No !!!

But if you have to make a test to find out who get disease who get NCOV COVID-19, then the best way & method is doing the Urine Test.

If you can doing urine test with doping in sport, then there is no any reason why you cannot do it with the NCOV COVID-19. The only question is what chemicals or what machine test will be used.

That job is for the group with money like governments, international organization, not mine.

Imagine if you can test to check who get infected with the NCOV COVID-19 with urine only within 15 minutes or almost instantly, then life would be more easier.

I highly recommend you stop taking and doing any stupid test with blood, but instead take care your body with symptoms, disease name is just a name to make fear and to scare you.

There is no any drug vaccine able to deal with many diseases yet for each people body are not the same, only you can save you, the best doctor of you is you only.

Best Regard,
The Savior

100% Truth About The New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 NCOVID2019

100% Truth About The New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 NCOVID2019

There are too much stupid information about this epidemic event from all entities including the authority, governments, media, individual person, etc. So I have decide to tell you the truth whether you able to deal and cope with the information or not, it is up to you.

Fact 1:
The corona virus NCOV COVID-19 is much smaller than ant.
When a tiny being virus vs a giant being human, there is no need to fear, all you need to do is understand the “trick” of the game and will easily win the battle and overcome that virus.

Fact 2:
In order to overcome and able to deal with the virus, you must face the truth and you must able to answer just only 3 questions:
1. What is the origin of this virus, how it was made?
2. Why some nations spread virus much faster than other?
3. What are the features, the strength & weakness of this virus?

Fact 3:
The virus NCOV COVID-19 was born because of the man made 5G mobile network and the nature virus adapt to stay alive (evolution), that is the only reason you have this virus.

Prove me wrong if you or any authority able to tell and have better explanation the true origin of the virus please.
If not then my statement is correct.

Fact 4:
All the positive negative test can only tell you the density of the virus in human body, it cannot detect the “small seed virus”, no any machine able to detect that seed for they are too small.

That is the reason why you have people get reinfected.

Fact 5:
The NCOV COVID-19 is the most deadly virus humanity ever face in this civilization. If you able to deal and win vs this virus, you will can easily deal with any kind of diseases like HIV, Cancer, SARS, etc.

Fact 6:
This virus able to fly and swim at the same time and it has the features of many previous virus like SARS + HIV + Ebola + Cancer. So it can spread very fast with high damage in short period of time.

Fact 7:
You can only reduce the damage and spread rate, but cannot remove it in your life for it already have in all continents on planet Earth.

Fact 8:
Only you can save you from this virus, no any doctor or any governments, groups can save you from this virus. And the only way to do it is increase your knowledge & wisdom. Do not rely on the authority for they are talking and doing wrong way.

You can see Wuhan as an example, even the top doctor dies because of this virus, which mean even them cannot take care of their life, so how can the government & authority can save you? That why you must become a doctor of your own.

Fact 9:
I already have a cure and solution this virus NCOV COVID-19 NCOVID2019 or whatever name.
I can easily help any victim who got infected “back to life” within maximum 14 days.
I can easily help you and your family stay alive from this epidemic event.
You just need to understand natural environment language, changing your life style, there is no need for using any machine/technology.

Want me prove that?
Just give me the info of any victim with test positive/negative who got infected.
I can tell them what they should eat, do & stay each day. Then they will easily “back to life” within maximum 14 days.
But I need some basic information like the what city are they live, age, their condition, their diet, etc.

If you and your family want to stay safe and alive out of this global epidemic event, I can also able to help you easily from what you should eat, should do, should wear base on your location and your own situation.

I will help you for free of charge, but you must share the my websites with your local people as well.

If you have any questions then you can ask me at website: or

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Saoshyant Udumbara Flower Whatever-Name

The Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19’s True Origin Is A Product Made By 5G Electric Network & Natural Wild Virus

The Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19’s True Origin Is A Product Made By 5G Electric Network & Natural Wild Virus

The true original source of the nCOV Covid-19 in Wuhan, China is a combination product from 5G Electric Network and Natural Wild Virus. That is the only make sense explanation, if it was not made in lab house.


Because the environment make beings stronger. The Wuhan city has installed 5G Electric network in October/November, 2019 and you got that deadly virus in December, 2019.

Basically, the wild virus got empowered by the 5G Electric Network in order to “survive”. Whether by method or way they able to combine with each other or self evolve, that is too hard to verify & just waste of time, at the moment, the damage is done, the deadly virus was born.

There are two kind of benefit, 1 is positive benefit and the 2 is negative benefit.

The positive benefit of 5G Electric network is transfer data stronger, faster.

But their negative benefit is make deadly virus just like the nCOV Covid-19.

I have warned the Chinese Government & Other Governments from at least 1-2 years ago about the dangerous of the 5G Network, but they did not listen to me, they only think about the positive benefit but never think about the potential negative benefit. And if that 5G Electric Network continue to roll out world wide, I am not surprise to see more deadly virus in other location on Earth as well.

Now the job is not to blame each others or listen to this that conspiracy, the number one priority now is finding the cure/solution.

The deadly virus was already born, even now you know the true origin, you cannot stop them breeding, you can only able to prevent the damage and co-exist with that deadly virus, there is no any other choice.

You can see the global negative impact of that virus on the world economy in general already.

If I was able to predicted that from 1-2 years ago, and claim have perfect solution & working cure for not this deadly virus but for any virus, do you think this is a bluff from a stupid one or a smart one?

Even If I am crazy person, it is still better to believe in any beings said having a working cure, rather than waiting and relying on “nice people” who do not have any clue of how natural environment working and still not having any cure yet.

To the Chinese & Asian people in general, you better trust & listen to me the sooner the better, otherwise 90% of your population will die because of this deadly virus in 2020 alone !!!

If the SARS was cured by make a small change about living style, then the nCOV Covid-19 (have 70% SARS structure) is must treat the same but at much smart way, that the hint I can give you guys.

If you want to have a full details, a guide and a perfect cure/solution to solve this epidemic & this deadly virus, then tell your Elders/Government have a direct communication at or

Best Regard,

The Savior