The Ultimate Encrypt Message From Earth Nature To Humanity Is The NCOV

The Ultimate Encrypt Message From Earth Nature To Humanity Is The NCOV

The human race in general is too out of touch with mother nature Earth. If all kind of previous diseases are just slow, weak message, then the new Corona Virus (nCOV) Wuhan China is the ultimate encrypt message to this civilization.

What is that encrypt message?

Get back with nature or die, humans have no other choice.

If you compare with all the previous diseases on Earth, you will have the answer about that message:

– First the spreading rate: fastest, quickest rate, more than EBOLA, SARS many many times.

– Second the casualty: most deadly damages one at short amount of time, more than all the Cancer, HIV combine many times.

If you still not have the drug, vaccine for the slower, weaker virus like Cancer & HIV for many years. How can you able to have new working drug for the much more dangerous enemies, there is no freaking way.

I have said that there must be a real wake up event to this civilization 1 year ago. I already even said many “controllers” & the elites, secret societies are going to die if they do not listen to me.

If all animals have their own spirit then this Wuhan Virus also have their own spirit as well, they can detect “good & bad” people, they even know who going against God, against divine law & orders.

I am not surprise if many government officials, celebrities & controllers group going to die because of this ancient virus.

They can blame others if there is no any solution to solve this crisis, but I have a perfect working solution to save the people. Now it is up to Governments to decide their fate. I have spoke loudly and have sent a lot of email to all national governments.

I repeat the ultimate deadline is February 20th 2020. Communication at or

If you keep ignoring me, then you are 100% gone in 2020. And you are going to die because of indirectly killing the public people while there is a cure on the field.

Best Regard,

The Savior

You Should Understand, View Your Real Earth Life Like A Video Game

You Should Understand, View Your Real Earth Life Like A Video Game

If you want to understand more about your life on this Earth planet, then you should see & treat it like a video game where you are the gamer in the that game. Because they have some thing in common.

In a video game, who decide the outcome and setup the feature of each character?

The developer, the creator of that game. So whether that character strong or weak, stupid or smart, it is all up to that character. Event in hand of a “smart” gamer, there is still always some “oppa too strong” heroes, you cannot do anything against.

Back in real earth life, you may wonder who are the creator of humanity & planet Earth? And a lot of other questions life why war, chaos, why this why that, etc.?

If the creator of humans want there is no war or whatever wish, then he/she can easily “upgrade/interfere” it within few minute, just like video game many are playing everyday.

So there is a some kind of reason for that, and it pretty much like the developers creating video game, it must has purpose and the reason behind it.

Many of you now may ask, so what is extractly the matrix Earth life game, how to pass, how finish the game, what is the purpose of it, etc.? And more importantly, who can I can ask, who I can seek to help?

If in any video games, do any of you need to ask the game developer “how to play, what strategy should use, etc.? No, but you must find it yourself !!! But you may watch & see many professional gamers who spent a lot of time to play that game, then get some trick & tips & how to pass the game.

How about real Earth life game, who can help the struggle gamers?

The answer is that many ancient prophecies said there is a special being name as Messiah or Mahdi or Maitreya or any other name, who can help you to pass this real life Earth game if you are seeking him.

As a real savior from many ancient prophecies, I can easily say that I have not just fully understand & pass the real life Earth game, but also the Grand Universe game as well.

I can tell you some tricks & tips like this:

– There is always certain rules & laws apply in the Earth planet & Universe, if you cross and violate any rules & laws, you will get punishment, very similar to many online video games.

– There is also some forbidden actions like giving out direct “cheat code” or give free help to others.

– And many other rules & laws I cannot tell all, for you must discover by your self. But real Earth life game is complicated because you do not watch from above, but watch from the same height, and the monitor is your eyes.

But the ultimate reward is the immortality & live a life like ultimate gods forever, unless you violate any laws. It is even beyond any video/movies you have ever seen in your life!

In the world today, what most of politicians & groups to do is just waiting for the savior Messiah come out of nowhere and give them free lunch, free help. I already said many time that, I am not allowed to give out free help, you must pay something in exchange.

That is also the reason I have already published 2 special strategy Bronze Key & Silver Key out but must include unlock requirements.

At the very last moment I can tell all the secret groups, societies, governments that my time on Earth is limited, I cannot waiting all of you to wake up for it would take may be forever. I can only allowed to help you guys while I have not yet unlock any superabilities, but the super-abilities level is auto generate & increase very day just like a tree always growing. And at some point in very near future that moment would come. It is very complicated subject, you cannot understand for you have not yet reach to my level of enlightenment.

In short, if you want any help, you must give some kind of donation. I can do many impossible thing like create the ultimate capitalist or communist system of any nation if they want, or custom made system if you like base on their own situation & environment.

But first, the most complicated subject now is probably the war between East vs West, between self capitalism or team communism. If you want to see the perfect solution, the Gold Key content, then you must unlock the Bronze Key & Silver Key like I said at

My timing and patience will end on February 20th, 2020.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name