The New Corona Virus NCOV Is Going To Kill Donald Trump, Xi Jinping & The Elites For Sure

The New Corona Virus NCOV Is Going To Kill Donald Trump, Xi Jinping & The Elites For Sure

The more you censorship my articles, the more of you going to die because of this virus.

Mark my words: I will only release the cure & solution for the new corona virus NCOV COVID-19 only after Donald Trump & Xi Jinping die & out of Earth surface !!!

I do not care what the hex going on and who order “censorship”, but deleted my articles is not allowed. It not like I am selling anything, I just want to help you guys, but because you guys have ignored my help, so you guys must die !


The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Anyname

The Bible Famous End Time Words Mark Of The Beast Is The New Corona Virus NCOV

The Bible Famous End Time Words Mark Of The Beast Is The New Corona Virus NCOV

All of you are witnessing and living in the end time was written and predicted in the Bible.

The beast and the mark 666 in the revelation are in fact the new Corona virus NCOV COVID-19 & sickness.

A beast cannot be just a number, it must has features and powerful.

666 is six six six, but can be easily say as sick sick sick !!!

Do you see people get sick because of this virus?

Do you see almost all people are talking about this virus every single day?

I have provided a lot of real information about this beast.

If you want to have better chance to survive then you better read it carefully, I do not want to post repeat too much information.

And only me can save you out of this madness global pandemic event.

I have many type of cures such as public cure for everyone (both save people but also do not crash the way of life) and the private cure base on each people situation with fast spreed recovery and healing, but cannot be use and revealed in the public.

The “poor” do not need to pay any money, while I only charge the rich money people.

More info you can read at

Do no underestimate that beast 666 corona virus NCOV, you better scare, learning, adapting to have even a chance to survive out of this global pandemic end time event.

Best Regard,
The Savior

The Wuhan China Virus Is Not Natural And It Must Come Out Or Have Related Directly With Lab House

The Wuhan China Virus Is Not Natural And It Must Come Out Or Have Related Directly With Lab House

People have living normal for many years without knowing any dangerous & deadly virus like that Wuhan Virus. If just because of eating just some fruit bat or animal, then you got that deadly Wuhan virus, Chinese people must got that virus much sooner but not now.

So the only way for the exist of Wuhan virus must either come out or have directly related with the Lab house.

Do you know a brutal mistake of many virus lab house?

They are doing research and have too much variety of virus. Then “somehow” all kind of different virus combine/merge together so the new born of a much more dangerous virus appear. That is the only way to explain for that Wuhan virus appeared and caused too much damages so far like that.

For anyone who still think that is either corona or fruit bat virus, you better wake up and use common sense, for all the identified virus if exist already, then you must already saw that similar deadly virus event before but not just now in 2020.

The information I have received from spiritual unseen world tell me that this is a ancient divine virus which exist from many million years ago on Earth. Nobody can escape dead unless you already know the secret of heaven and have reached immortal state, or receive the correct guide/direction from that high level kind of being.

There is no any other way, all the secret societies and even beings who can fly/teleport, etc. You can do your own test and see the result, then you can verify above information.

Here are some quick recommendation your national government should do:

1. Reduce the variety of virus in all virus lab to the minimum, if possible 1 family virus type 1 lab.

2. Stop all the flights in & out from China.
Because just like computer virus, the best way is shut down the internet or at least do not connect to any servers of “terminator/dangerous” countries.

3. Have the right guide & direction for your own people citizens.

4. Put the safety of the people first, not the GDP economic useless number.

As a savior I can easily give out the perfect suitable guide for any nations. But I cannot giving out here for the public because of 2 thing:

– 1 is someone can steal it and claim as his solution and/or ask others worship him/her or whatever.

– 2 is because of law of karma.

For you to easier to understand law of karma I can explain like this:

– You and the virus are fighting with each other. If I send you free guide to “overcome the virus”, then the virus will/can call whatever things to fight me because I have sent out my karma but not yet receive any karma receive in back. It must be 2 way street, even with just 1 dollar it still work.

If any national government want to save your own people and want to perfect guide then you can have a communication with me at or

There is little to no time left. The Bible Revelation already made that predictions about this deadly event. You can now either wake up or going to die, there is no either way.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Anyname

[Gold Key] Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

Gold Key Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

The special gold key content must be released in the year of 2020 or humanity will face a natural catastrophe at least at the level of Tambora Volcano eruption in 1815.

I have many own standard and my own rule, without bronze key & silver key fully unlock, I am not going to release the Gold Key content at all cost.

The bronze key payout is waiting, the silver key is waiting. The total time frame for the silver key is at least 30 weeks with 20 weeks of application and minimum 10 weeks of payout to all.

So my favorite and personal deadline to all secret groups, governments is 20th February 2020.

I have already showed you the out-of-box solutions for 2 major problems on Earth are trade war & climate change global warming.

The Gold Key will going to solve to root problem conflict about the topic of land & territory conflict, which exist from many thousand years.

Without the Gold Key: The Korean peninsula will never be reunited, the Israel – Palestine will never be solved, so as China vs Hong Kong, etc.

The civilization must face the truth, there cannot be more theory battle with endless sight. It either be painful with a super volcano eruption or with peace ending with real knowledge revelation to the public.

All secret groups & governments are wasting their time for stupid stuffs.

You should forward this message to all entities. This is a very serious deadly end-time message, there is no time left for this civilization.

You guys must wake up, open your own eyes and face the truth.

As a real savior from many ancient prophecies, I am ready to have any contest debate with any of you. That is the best I can help this civilization without breaking the Divine laws & orders which exist in all planets and in all Universes.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower