Euro 2020 Will Occur In December 2020, Massive Change To European Season Thank To New Corona Virus NCOV

Euro 2020 Will Occur In December 2020, Massive Change To European Season Thank To New Corona Virus NCOV

The good new for everybody is that the Euro 2020 football tournament still occur and will happen in December 2020. You do not call it 2020 tournament if it was not happen in 2020, stop all the non-sense stupid decision.

The new corona virus NCOV COVID19 is a great opportunity to change and fix what is was wrong in life !

Do you know there is a big flaw in the name of Football European Season like Champion League?

Example: You do not call Champion League 2018-2019 but you take the result of the national season started from 2017 !

The Champion League and Europa League like the “next stage” of a season, you cannot treat it like a commercial tournament any more.

The best change they should make is that start the new season from January/February to September/October.

Leave the November/December for any international tournaments like Euro, World Cup.

I remind you guys that World Cup 2022 was schedule happen in December as well.

So it is a great change for all Euro Club if the Euro 2020 could be held in December 2020, and new season start in Jan/Feb instead of August like now.

They can have 1 month summer break in between season for any kind of tournament/transfer window, etc.

So you can have English Premier League, Bundesliga, La liga 2021 start and finish in 2021, and next UEFA Champion League season will be called 2021-2022 like what is suppose to be.

It just some idea and solution I give you guys, the change is up each nation.

For the Euro 2020 information:
I can reveal that I am already holding the cure & solution for this legendary beast NCOV, and the problem will be solved before the October 2020. I only need 30 days to save everybody with a “right” public uncensored platform condition.

The Euro 2020 tournament will start from December 1st 2020 and the final match will occur on Christmas day December 25th 2020.

I do not want to reveal more information unless the Government, UEFA, FIFA totally surrender and willing listen to me.

If you guys want to see Euro 2020 happen in December 2020 with the final match on Christmas Day, then please share the site to your government, authorities and your friends.

All I need is just a fair condition to release the cure for the new corona virus NCOV to the public.

Have Fun !
Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

The New Corona Virus NCOV May Have Started In Europe First, But Not China

The New Corona Virus NCOV May Have Started In Europe First, But Not China

Bunch of puppet stupid leaders !!!

The number one priority now is save people, seeking solution/cure by all cost, not some blaming game only cause the situation more worst.

If the authorities do not know and sure what are they talking about, then they better shut up.

Instead they are talking without thinking and care about the outcome after.

The China want to erase the bad reputation about Wuhan China virus, but they cannot blame the US Military/Agents because:
– Where is the proof, evidence ?
– If it was an attacked by outside then it must appear in all cities simultaneously but not only in one Wuhan city alone.

If I in charge of China, the most safe way to “remove” that bad reputation must be:
– Look, the NCOV COVID-19 in Europe is much more stronger than in the Wuhan, China.
So it could start in Europe first but it was covered up and ignored by the authorities just like today.

Or it could be appeared at the same time in both Europe and Asia. But because the Chinese people smaller and the immune system body as much strong as the European one, that why the result appear first in Wuhan, China. But the fact it was started at the same time in both Europe and Asia by “cannot verify proof forces”.

What the USA responded are just bunch of non-thought stupid action & talks.

They need to remember the USA is an immigration include Asia, Europe, Africa, South America people, so any “blaming” words on any group only make the situation worst.

Frankly the USA on verse of an total collapse not just economy and life as well.

I know many of secret agents have watched and know my blog and my “crazy correct” information about this pandemic event.

The only choice for them is seeking help from. Outside me, there is no any player can help them !!!

The time is ticking, the NCOV legendary beast is evolving and upgrading rapidly.

You have more chance to survive if listen and follow whatever entity claim have the solution/cure, rather than the group still finding/speculating and do not have any confident able to solve this crazy deadly event.

Best Regard,
The Savior

Allow Maximum Free Speech Is The Only Way To Save The West From A Complete Destruction By Corona Virus NCOV

Allow Maximum Free Speech Is The Only Way To Save The West From A Complete Destruction By Corona Virus NCOV

You must face the truth, I have to say this even though many of you may see as a negative post or fear monger post at this moment.

The Europe & America need to remember that they are importing essential stuffs like foods, drinks & clothes from the East. It is just matter of time when the East and “poor” nations will have to ban all kind of essential stuffs like foods, drinks to the West in order to have their own survival stuffs for their own citizens. Many nations already have banned face mask, and have a complete travel ban from all countries.

The western government need to remember that, censorship is the main problems lead to this current situation from China. The strength of the West is freedom of speech, but their government officials said no because of their own stupid !!!

What wrong with theory only text-base post about the new corona virus?

There is nothing wrong with talking anything about the new corona virus, you must treat is a a novel, not just a diseases.

There are a lot of much more fear monger and cause much more trauma for people like video games, pictures, movies, etc.

The new corona virus is the beast was written from the Bible at the end time revelation for sure.

So you better accept that fact and find a way to live with it, no nations can prevent it.

You can only stay away from it if you stay at home like what China are doing.

But once you start resume normal trading, you will get that again.

Mark my words: the Wuhan will receive that epidemic again within next few months after normal trade resume within few weeks.

The fact I can tell you that billions of people around the world already get the “seed” of this virus inside their body, it just matter of time before they display symptoms and sickness.

As a neutral position, I can only advice not the West but East as well that: You must allow maximum freedom of speech around this corona virus, this corona virus will never go away just like animals like mosquito, monkey, lion, tiger, etc.

You cannot treat this corona virus as a disease but you must treat is like any other type of virus or even upgrade to a “dangerous animal”.

Whether you like it or not, but this new corona virus is the beast from the Bible’s end time, and it will never miracle go away.

You must face the truth, then study that virus NCOV and find a way to live with it, there is no any other choice.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Anyname