The Korean Peninsula, China – Taiwan Will Either Fully Reunion In 2020 Or Never

The Korean Peninsula, China – Taiwan Will Either Fully Reunion In 2020 Or Never

Stop waiting some old ancient prophecy around the year 2044, where is the way, the road path?

The truth is that there is only one way, one perfect solution, which what I am holding the Gold Key.

The gold key going to help and solve the root problems of not Korea, China – Taiwan, but also the rest of the world.

The Zionism Israel is just a small sample from God to tell you the truth about all location on Earth.

There are many tribes, groups also want to have their own nation, own government as well.

What the Jewish USA doing around the world is just to emphasize that problem that desired of many.

The China cannot reunion with Taiwan by using virus, because God did not do that, because the best player on this Earth game which is me have the better way.

The Korean cannot reunion by traditional methods through normal agreement, for the Jewish USA do not agree unless it is going to solve the Israel & Palestine as well.

I have already said and made a clear demand that: no Bronze Key & Silver Key fully unlocked, no Gold Key.

The requirement & the “cost” of what I am demanding is just few little worthless cryptocurrency backed by air.

I have tried my best to open your mind set, but you guys must know that there is always divine law & order exist in all worlds all galaxies.

The final ultimate deadline is February 20th 2020. After that deadline, I am fully off the internet and stop talking more until my fully demanded is met or after a super big volcano eruption happen on Earth.

Take it, try it or refuse then die, it is up to you.

Best Regard,

The Lord The Savior Udumbara Flower

I Am Holding The Sacred 7th Seals Of The Bible [Gold Key]

I Am Holding The Sacred 7th Seals Of The Bible [Gold Key]

As the savior, I can tell you that I am holding the 7th Seals of the Bible.

What is the 7th seals of the Bible?

They are just a bunch of knowledge, wisdom & solution to solve the conflict between nations & people. I have revealed some at webpage, but the main core content which is the gold key still not being revealed, for it is too special and have very high standard & requirement.

As the holder, I can say that the gold key 7th seals will either being revealed in 2020 or only after a big super natural catastrophe like the super volcano eruption. It is all depends on you, it is all up on you guys, for it will revealed only after the Bronze Key & Silver Key fully get unlocked, there is absolutely no other way.

The core content of the 7th seals is a perfect solution to solve the major conflicts about land & territory between groups & people, which exist from many thousand years already.

I can also tell you that, after the 7th seals revelation to the public, there will be many more new countries, basically 1 language 1 nation. Many long lost dynasties throughout history also have their chance to rebuild their homeland.

My requirements are too little, but if you guys do not have faith do not want to try and verify my identity, then it would be your deadly mistake.

The Earth planet always connect to the star & the galaxy, so there always a law & order apply to everything. I cannot break that law and give you guys free help, for if you do not born with it so the creator do not want it, that is law of Creation.

Stop waiting for any being come out of no where and give free help, you guys must trust and find your own solution, if you guys do not spend money & resources then there is no way. Each people have their own mindset, do not put your “stupid” mindset and think others will think similar like you, for it not going to happen.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname

[Gold Key] Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

Gold Key Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

The special gold key content must be released in the year of 2020 or humanity will face a natural catastrophe at least at the level of Tambora Volcano eruption in 1815.

I have many own standard and my own rule, without bronze key & silver key fully unlock, I am not going to release the Gold Key content at all cost.

The bronze key payout is waiting, the silver key is waiting. The total time frame for the silver key is at least 30 weeks with 20 weeks of application and minimum 10 weeks of payout to all.

So my favorite and personal deadline to all secret groups, governments is 20th February 2020.

I have already showed you the out-of-box solutions for 2 major problems on Earth are trade war & climate change global warming.

The Gold Key will going to solve to root problem conflict about the topic of land & territory conflict, which exist from many thousand years.

Without the Gold Key: The Korean peninsula will never be reunited, the Israel – Palestine will never be solved, so as China vs Hong Kong, etc.

The civilization must face the truth, there cannot be more theory battle with endless sight. It either be painful with a super volcano eruption or with peace ending with real knowledge revelation to the public.

All secret groups & governments are wasting their time for stupid stuffs.

You should forward this message to all entities. This is a very serious deadly end-time message, there is no time left for this civilization.

You guys must wake up, open your own eyes and face the truth.

As a real savior from many ancient prophecies, I am ready to have any contest debate with any of you. That is the best I can help this civilization without breaking the Divine laws & orders which exist in all planets and in all Universes.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower

The Only Way For The Zionism Jewish People To Have Their Final Israel Land Settlement

The Only Way For The Zionism Jewish People To Have Their Final Israel Land Settlement

The only way is listen to the Messiah (me) and using my special strategy/solution.

There is no any other path way, whether you like it or not.

But in order to see the Gold Key content, the Bronze Key & Silver Key must be unlocked first.

I have provided the special solution to solve the international trade war & sanctions.

You can read that content and decide yourself whether I am the real Messiah or not.

Some million cryptocurrency is like nothing to the “rich money” Jewish people.

If you are the real Jewish real Zionism people, who want have their own final settlement on Israel nation, you must spend little resources and pay for the crypto currency giveaways at .

The Gold Key is very special for it is also the solution to solve the land’s conflict in many area on Earth. The Israel Jewish situation is just a small example our of many.

If you want verify or have any question or have any conversation then using the forum & blog address of this original web post link.

Stop cause war & listen to any rabbi/gurus or anybody with only promise, you must listen to the people who can give you the real direction real path way with real solution like me. Do not assumption, do not dream, you must face the reality.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah