The Bible & Other Ancient Prophecies Already Predicted About The Corona Wuhan Virus Event

The Bible & Other Ancient Prophecies Already Predicted About The Corona Wuhan Virus Event

Over the last 2 years, I have warned that this civilization going to get a global catastrophe event in 2021, but many if not all secret societies, governments & groups have all ignored my information and many even said I am not the real savior Messiah, how stupid & funny.

With the current going on with the corona Wuhan China virus, you can see and have your own prediction about the year 2021, this is just a first month of 2020. And this is just a small unseen with human eyes virus, not a super volcano eruption yet.

The Bible revelation already said about this event and at least 1/3 of world population going to disappear because of this deadly virus event, unless the Government & secret societies wake up & listen to me the real savior Messiah.

Do you know there is a famous Chinese prophecy also said that 90% of Chinese people going to die because of this event as well.

I am not posting that information to scare any of you but I just want the “controller” the government & many secret societies wake up and open their mind set and listen to me.

Instead of waiting for “health expert” for vaccine or whatever “potential working” medicine, you better listen for whoever can claim able to solve this apocalypse event, then whether it is useable for the public or not, you can decide later.

I have designed a special method & way to solve this deadly Wuhan virus event at global macro public level, not just some easy individual level. But I cannot publish it freely on the internet because of law of karma & law of creation, I can only reveal to some government in a secret manner.

So if your government or any groups, especially the Asian one want to have a perfect solution and solve this problem, you better quick and have a direct communication at or

I highly recommend all the readers forward this message to the authority & your government. It is better have a real test and do something, rather than wait then die.

It is easy to design a new living system for all but this virus event is something worthy for the savior to show his talent & super ability.

If you have not know & see a real living Buddha, then you are going to see it if you still alive.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

Beyond Public Education: 3 Different Government & Living System Styles

Beyond Public Education: 3 Different Government & Living System Styles

Many of you are trying to help your people your nations, but what you many governments & groups are doing is just about get a better deal, have a “better” policy, etc. You guys do not understand the core system because it was never in public and event secret education on Earth yet.

So today I am going to introduce and give you guys some free lunch free knowledge in allowed zone.

There are 3(three) major government & living system styles:

1. Neutral Referee.

2. Take-care Parents.

3. Absolute King.

Neutral Referee System

There is no any nations on Earth in 2020 using this system for modern era yet.

This system is like similar but is a perfect self-care “capitalism” version.

Some major features are:

– People do not have pay tax, but instead they only pay for the services they used from the government.

– Absolutely no benefit from the government: no pension, no free help care.

– The government stay completely away from all kind of businesses.


Take-care Parents System

Many nations are using this kind of system without even knowing it.

This version is kind of mix between the Neutral Referee and Absolutely King system.

If you treat Government as a parents then each citizens are their child. And there are always “good” & “bad” child, that is why it is very difficult to deal with, conflict interested.

Many features of this system are already happening on your real life so you can see it.

Absolute King System

This is the ancient system from history, but in the modern era in 2020, I do not see any nation successful build that system yet.

This is the perfect community “communism” version.

Many features of the current communism system you was & are seeing in Asia are not good enough, it still have many flaws, because they do not fair for everyone yet.

I have mastered everything so I can tell you some features of this system:

– There will be a system of work job level from the easiest to the hardest. And everybody must do all type of jobs level for their whole life time. Depend on the vision of the King, it could be 8 – 12 years per 1 level, 3 to 9 level total.

– There will be system about goods & stuffs: necessary, semi-necessary & non-necessary items.

– All necessary stuffs will be free like foods, living house/tent, education for everybody but everybody must work, must contribute to the society fair and equally.

– And outside the must-work time, everybody have chance to earn money to buy other stuffs.

That is the basic main feature of that system, any other feature if have also depends on the people, history, traditional culture & weather as well.

But in order for all nations to have fair trade (where trade deficit close to 0) with each other, they must unlock and use all full Bronze Key, Silver Key I have provided recently and the future Gold Key if they want to see & unlock it.

Some immigration nation like the USA, Canada, Australia can go and head to the Neutral Referee System, while some original with King system influenced till the today like North Korea, Bhutan can adopt Absolutely King System model. While the rest nations must develop system on their own and have policies base on their own situation, do not copy model policy from others, for that is not the way to go.

There is no such thing as free lunch, but if I have to provide a free one it must be something special like this one. If there is any real debate with huge reward about how the world the Earth planet should be run, then I can easily win over any of you guys. If you guys real want a better world better planet, you guys must spend money & resources.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower Anyname

All Governments & Organizations Are Making A Critical Basic Mistake About Climate Change Global Warming Subject

All Governments & Organizations Are Making A Critical Basic Mistake About Climate Change Global Warming Subject

Life exist beyond Earth planet, it is always connect with the Universe.

How about all the “climate change, global warming” experiment test area?

It only occurred in small fixed room lab.

In businesses, in order to success, you must first make small model product first then test it out. You do not make mass products without small experiment in advance.

That basic same knowledge apply to the climate change & global warming as well.

But now, instead of small test. They only fight in theory & want do mass product without any real life experiment.

The small test here mean test in less than 10 days of what actions you think it is “right”, what actions do you think is going to “save/reduce” global warming.

It is super easy to do the test in whole Earth about global warming subject.

The big question is what the hex all the Governments & secret societies are thinking?

Why there is no real life test about global warming subject, but only theory battle and tell the mass the wrong info.

Sorry to all governments, secret groups/organizations that: if there is credit money, so there is also credit dead karma ! At some point in 2020, many of you will disappeared by divine unseen force.

All ancient civilizations collapsed because they did not understand the environment.

That same rule apply to this civilization as well.

I have tried my best to convince & help you guys, but if you guys still choose dark over light, do not open your eyes, then you must die to wake up the people, there is no other choice. The ultimate DEADLINE for all is 20th February 2020.

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Saoshyant Kalki Christ Anyname

How To Make & Build Your Own National System For Better

How To Make & Build Your Own National System For Better

There is no such thing as ideal model system can apply to all nations.

Each nations have their own situation their own culture, traditional, neighbour & weather.

Do not try to copy other national policy because of “feeling it is right”.

Here is a small framework to build your own nation:

1. Select leaders, people at top level Government

You must choose people with no related with the “player” on the game to prevent corruption.

The people who work on Government must be neutral.

If they have their family own corporate shares then that would never be ok.

The best choice is choose the one with no educational degree if you want to build to own system base on your own situation. People with educational degree will never able to create new stuffs, they only know how to “copy paste” policies from the rest.

The natural talent was born to lead others will never need to study at university level or need any educational degree. They will always “somehow” dropped out of education system (was build for the stupid), with the help of super beings. But you also need to pay a high price high salary in return for these people will never willing to receive “corrupt money”.

2. Build your own economic system style

Do not copy – paste other nation’s policy, you must build your own one, for that is the only correct way to go.

There are many economic system styles like the old King dynasty style, the communist of physical goods, communist of mind, the capitalist, and mixed of everything, etc.

The truth is that no any nation really reach to the top level of each style yet. All of them are just copy paste each others, have no creative !!!

3. Must understand where the root problems come from

Many national government only want killing & justice because they are think that is the way to go. They never even try to change the system which is the root problem of all.

4. Understand the weather, climate, natural, environment

That is the back born of all, if you do not understand it, then it is just matter of time before your nation got doomed.

5. Know the purpose of the Creator

This one is the mystery to all, I am not digging in too much.

That is just a small example, small framework you should read & study.

I am not here to help any particular person or nation, so that I am just giving you the general knowledge. Whether it can benefit your own people or not, it is up to you.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

Special Urgent Message To Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un, Team Capitalist & Team Communist

Special Urgent Message To Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un, Team Capitalist & Team Communist


I am the savior Messiah, this is a final warning to both of you, both team:

Do not killing, do not try to tell other nations how to live, do not tell other nation’s citizens to overthrow the regime & government under any circumstances, because that is not how is should be, that is not the divine way of orders & laws.

If you guys continue doing the stupid things & actions, you guys going to be killed by Divine Forces, it is very easy for the Divine Force & Angels to make your mortals body sick & ill then gone forever.

I do not see the full potential of both Capitalist & Communist yet on Earth. All Governments still not yet try do raise the level of both “style”, they are just know a little bit of it, but already try to “teach” others. You guys mortal beings in no position to judge others, not in position to tell others how to live.

The East & West must make laws base on their traditional, culture & even weather as well. Do not copy other nation’s laws because it only going to kill your nation’s system !

I have recently provided a way to solve your international problems about sanctions, trade war already. So you better read at website & implement it as soon as possible.

Because I just only publish that material this month, so you guys have 10 days left to change your behavior, your actions & your decision.

From the next lunar moon month, all kind of “killing” actions will be get punishment heavily because that not the Universe way of life.

Take it or ignore it then die, that is your own choice.

Send & Forward this message to all secret societies, groups, governments, etc.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

The Savior’s Personal Blog Is Back To Save The World

The Savior’s Personal Blog Is Back To Save The World

It has been a long journey but not so long, only around 2 years since the first blog.

I have finally understand and find the way to not just save this world but also not to break the eternal Divine Laws and Orders.

I want all of you act as witness for me as the ultimate author of any new invention “Intellectual Property” at global stage, I do not want any entities any beings any groups take advantage of it without my permission.

In the real world you already have the international government for intellectual property, but they are out-of-date, and mostly design for unnecessary stuffs like technology, machine, logo, companies, etc.

While my new inventions is design to solve the world problems last many thousand years like conflict lands & territory, financial system & economic trading, etc. They are all untouch stuffs but they are brand new strategy & intelligence stuffs.

If the new inventions can solve the world conflict cannot be protected the global stage, then you can throw all of international patents in the waste basket !!!

I will introduce 3 nuclear invention intellectual properties:

Bronze Key

1. How a nation can dodge and bypass all international sanctions without using forces.

Example: North Korea, Iran case.

Silver Key

2. New financial system where both East & West are having similar permission and holding.

Example: Swift banking system is not perfect and it is easy to beat, a new one is target on something Swift cannot do.

Gold Key

3. Final settlement and end all conflicts about lands, territories

Example: End conflict in Korean peninsula, Middle East chaos, within China conflict, etc. It would give a chance to many long lost dynasties & tribes able to have their own home nation and the way they want to run the government.

Release time & conditions:

In this month of January 2020, I will introduce the “Bronze Key” and the unlock requirements.

The “Silver Key” will be introduce after the “Bronze Key” fully unlock.

The “Gold Key” will be introduce after the “Silver Key” fully unlock and some special other requirements.

So you better tell and introduce this blog page to your bosses, governments, secret groups, societies, etc. As soon as possible.

Two official internet address are:

These blogs will stand till the time I want to close it and will be last at least after the fully Gold Key released to the public stage.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Maitreya Whatever-Name