The Ultimate Encrypt Message From Earth Nature To Humanity Is The NCOV

The Ultimate Encrypt Message From Earth Nature To Humanity Is The NCOV

The human race in general is too out of touch with mother nature Earth. If all kind of previous diseases are just slow, weak message, then the new Corona Virus (nCOV) Wuhan China is the ultimate encrypt message to this civilization.

What is that encrypt message?

Get back with nature or die, humans have no other choice.

If you compare with all the previous diseases on Earth, you will have the answer about that message:

– First the spreading rate: fastest, quickest rate, more than EBOLA, SARS many many times.

– Second the casualty: most deadly damages one at short amount of time, more than all the Cancer, HIV combine many times.

If you still not have the drug, vaccine for the slower, weaker virus like Cancer & HIV for many years. How can you able to have new working drug for the much more dangerous enemies, there is no freaking way.

I have said that there must be a real wake up event to this civilization 1 year ago. I already even said many “controllers” & the elites, secret societies are going to die if they do not listen to me.

If all animals have their own spirit then this Wuhan Virus also have their own spirit as well, they can detect “good & bad” people, they even know who going against God, against divine law & orders.

I am not surprise if many government officials, celebrities & controllers group going to die because of this ancient virus.

They can blame others if there is no any solution to solve this crisis, but I have a perfect working solution to save the people. Now it is up to Governments to decide their fate. I have spoke loudly and have sent a lot of email to all national governments.

I repeat the ultimate deadline is February 20th 2020. Communication at or

If you keep ignoring me, then you are 100% gone in 2020. And you are going to die because of indirectly killing the public people while there is a cure on the field.

Best Regard,

The Savior

The Divine Truth About The Ancient Wuhan Virus, China On The Verse Of Total Collapse

The Divine Truth About The Ancient Wuhan Virus, China On The Verse Of Total Collapse

The real number people got infected Wuhan virus only the Governments know. What the number in the media is just for fun & not to scare people.

The truth is that many millions already got that ancient virus in China alone. If China Governments & Secret Societies cannot find the way, the perfect solution to solve this problem, then you can say goodbye forever China in 2020.

I just want to tell the Chinese Governments & Secret Societies behind many nations that: I am the only one can solve this problem, for I know this Earth game very well.

The Wuhan virus is like the fast speed of HIV + Cancer combine.

Nobody can destroy it just like you cannot destroy the animals for it is going to destroy the eco system.

To make easy for you to understand: the virus have 2 parts just like trees: a small seed and a big grow tree. What all the machine & technology can detect is just the big grow tree, why the small seed of that Wuhan virus & many other virus cannot be detected because they are too small.

That is the basic knowledge of virus any leaders should know. There are many secret about of virus but for the public reason, I am not going to post and tell here like how to solve the problem.

It is easy to solve the problem individual but it is an completely story to solve is at macro level whole society: because just like money do not disappear, it only transfer from entity to entity.

I have already said in previous post that: this Wuhan virus is a super ancient virus & cannot be treated like many other different virus. If 100 millions people got infected, you cannot have enough doctors & hospitals. I am not surprise if any big dams in China gonna break within next 12 – 18 months.

So if the China Government & Asia societies want the help from me, then you better quick or it would be too late once the Three Goddess Dam break.

What I want from you is just Chinese Yuan money note to give out many people in other country in Asia, because I am confident I can solve that problem that why I ask for some worthless paper if nation collapse.

There is little to no time left, no any public health expert can solve this problem for they cannot solve the easier problems like HIV, Cancer, then you cannot solve the bigger problem like this ancient Wuhan virus.

Communication Info: or

Best Regard,
The Savior Buddha