Virus Are Upgrading Their Internal Intelligence “Mechanism Level” But Humanity Is Not

Virus Are Upgrading Their Internal Intelligence “Mechanism Level” But Humanity Is Not

The nCOV Covid-19 is just a virus out of many virus are upgrading/raising their internal intelligence “mechanism level” to adapt with the new environment they are facing daily.

Stop talking about conspiracy theory where cannot verify, let’s judge it base on normal level of understanding.

Humanity was and are focusing on external intelligence where they are relying on technology, machines, etc. And that not enough to win the battle with the nCOV Covid-19 or any kind of new more dangerous virus.


Because many virus are trying to “survive” and thus do many “unseen” testing stuff.

The big contribution and big help for virus is from many type of vaccine and artificial chemical stuffs made on lab houses.

And this kind of upgrading is much more dangerous for humanity for it is too diversity.

The current level of internal intelligence “mechanism level” of humanity is now lower than the nCOV Covid-19 alone.

If you do the math about number of victim and the number of doctor. You will see that will never enough, and at some point in near future the number of victim will be overwhelming and the system will total collapse & will 100% going to cause massive chaos in life.

Humanity must understand basic about what is internal intelligence and external intelligence.

Many previous collapse civilization because they do not understand that basic meaning & definition. Many was rely and increase external intelligence but not the internal intelligence “mechanism level”.

The internal intelligence “mechanism level” of humans are the mind set & way of living. But majority of humanity do not understand that, so as many “leaders”. That why they are chasing for more convenient life.

Every beings either seen or unseen are raising their intelligence level everyday to adapt the new environment they are facing everyday.

The nCOV Covid-19 now able to swimming slowly but surely in the ocean.

But humanity in general is still only able to swimming very fast in a lake.

The league level is different, so matter how humanity are trying to swim faster in that small lake, they will always cannot deal and win the battle with the nCOV Covid-19.

The only way for humanity to win this battle is also to raise their internal intelligence level.

There is no any other choice.

The problem is that many national leaders, governments or secret societies still not realize that basic level of understanding. They are either too stupid or have some other reason only the known.

I have said that I can raise the level of internal intelligence of humanity and will easily to cope with any kind of virus including the deadly ancient one even many “advanced civilization with bigger technology stuffs” cannot deal with.

But I do not want to receive credit or allow other to take that credit, that is why I want a direct communication with Governments via email or webpage at or .

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Saoshyant Whatever-Name

The Ultimate Encrypt Message From Earth Nature To Humanity Is The NCOV

The Ultimate Encrypt Message From Earth Nature To Humanity Is The NCOV

The human race in general is too out of touch with mother nature Earth. If all kind of previous diseases are just slow, weak message, then the new Corona Virus (nCOV) Wuhan China is the ultimate encrypt message to this civilization.

What is that encrypt message?

Get back with nature or die, humans have no other choice.

If you compare with all the previous diseases on Earth, you will have the answer about that message:

– First the spreading rate: fastest, quickest rate, more than EBOLA, SARS many many times.

– Second the casualty: most deadly damages one at short amount of time, more than all the Cancer, HIV combine many times.

If you still not have the drug, vaccine for the slower, weaker virus like Cancer & HIV for many years. How can you able to have new working drug for the much more dangerous enemies, there is no freaking way.

I have said that there must be a real wake up event to this civilization 1 year ago. I already even said many “controllers” & the elites, secret societies are going to die if they do not listen to me.

If all animals have their own spirit then this Wuhan Virus also have their own spirit as well, they can detect “good & bad” people, they even know who going against God, against divine law & orders.

I am not surprise if many government officials, celebrities & controllers group going to die because of this ancient virus.

They can blame others if there is no any solution to solve this crisis, but I have a perfect working solution to save the people. Now it is up to Governments to decide their fate. I have spoke loudly and have sent a lot of email to all national governments.

I repeat the ultimate deadline is February 20th 2020. Communication at or

If you keep ignoring me, then you are 100% gone in 2020. And you are going to die because of indirectly killing the public people while there is a cure on the field.

Best Regard,

The Savior