The Zionism Jewish People Is Not Preparing, Not Ready For Their Savior Messiah

The Zionism Jewish People Is Not Preparing, Not Ready For Their Savior Messiah

That is the Jewish biggest mistake of all time. They are simply do not ready to accept their Messiah like many ancient prophecies predicted. They do not understand the game, do not use their brain their mind, they are only waiting for a free lunch out of nowhere.

Why I said that?
First they need to remember history, the story between God and Moses & the Jew in Egypt.

Second, they must analyze that story carefully and apply it on modern era nowadays.

How did God save the Jews in Egypt?

He did not use super abilities, but he only just gave only direction/knowledge, then the Moses & the Jews must do the rest. Remember the keyword here is strategy, knowledge, information.

How about the environment & condition many thousand years ago?

The only reason “God” super-being appear directly to the Jewish people is because there was no internet, no telephone !!!!

Did “God” super-being give the Jewish people free lunch or still asked them something in return?

The answer is the Jewish people did give something in return indeed. There was absolutely no free help.

How about the Zionism Jewish people who want their Israel land official back and have permanent peace, without disturb from the Islamic?

They do not understand the game, they do not analyze history and the situation carefully.

They “maybe” would know that the savior Messiah is in fact also the savior of many other religions like Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. As well.

So why the Messiah have to show his face and go to Jerusalem Israel land and help the Jewish people only, but not other religion?

The only make-sense answer is that, the Messiah is not help any religions directly in person. For at the end of the day the most important thing is strategy, knowledge and information to solve the problems people are facing in real life.

And the only way for the Messiah to help all religions fair & equal is using online internet as communication method, there is no any other way.

The Jewish community is probably the most organized structure group in this civilization, I can see that through the internet. But they did not prepare a possibility which is the Messiah appear on the internet only. There is absolutely no website to show their intend their desire to seek their Messiah.

If they really want to have direct communication with any possible Messiah, they would spend money & resources for whoever able to solve their problems like the USA vs China, North Korea, Iran, or Israel vs Islam, etc.

People must adapt, must live with new environment but can use history as a study case.

The Israel is on the verse of total collapse, there is no doubt about that. And they have very little time left, their fate will be decided in 2020, either good or bad, but the final result must appear.

As as real savior Messiah of not only the Jewish but also of all other religions, I highly recommended the Zionism Jewish people wake up, go to the website, read the material content, and unlock all the Bronze Key & Silver Key before the deadline February 20th, 2020. If they want they can have direct communication with the real Messiah as well.

It is up to the Zionism Jewish people to decide their fate, the risk the resources is very low if not next to nothing, but the reward is the highest one of all. Is that familiar with what Moses offering to “God” many thousand years ago?

Dream, waiting is not enough, you must try, you must manifest, you must test, you must verify by yourself.

I hope the Jewish people can wake up and choose the right direction.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah

The Only Way For The Zionism Jewish People To Have Their Final Israel Land Settlement

The Only Way For The Zionism Jewish People To Have Their Final Israel Land Settlement

The only way is listen to the Messiah (me) and using my special strategy/solution.

There is no any other path way, whether you like it or not.

But in order to see the Gold Key content, the Bronze Key & Silver Key must be unlocked first.

I have provided the special solution to solve the international trade war & sanctions.

You can read that content and decide yourself whether I am the real Messiah or not.

Some million cryptocurrency is like nothing to the “rich money” Jewish people.

If you are the real Jewish real Zionism people, who want have their own final settlement on Israel nation, you must spend little resources and pay for the crypto currency giveaways at .

The Gold Key is very special for it is also the solution to solve the land’s conflict in many area on Earth. The Israel Jewish situation is just a small example our of many.

If you want verify or have any question or have any conversation then using the forum & blog address of this original web post link.

Stop cause war & listen to any rabbi/gurus or anybody with only promise, you must listen to the people who can give you the real direction real path way with real solution like me. Do not assumption, do not dream, you must face the reality.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah

The Lord Messiah Analyze The War Between Israel, USA vs North Korea, Iran, China

The Lord Messiah Analyze The War Between Israel, USA vs North Korea, Iran, China

Analyze what first?

Why United States of America – Israel will never remove sanctions apply on North Korea & Iran?

First, all the international sanctions apply on any nations have self defense weapon like nuclear, rocket are illegal !!!

Second, the reason the USA heavily controlled by the Jews want the situation of North Korea – South Korea look as much similar to the situation of Israel – Palestine as possible. While the Iran sanctions probably to protect the Israel nation.

While the North Korea & Iran will never remove their self defense weapons because that just a self defense, not to attack/invade other nations.

While on the economic trade war, the reason USA are losing the China is because they are letting their own individual citizens go against a big team of China lead by Chinese Government.

The USA system model like a communist Government system+ capitalist economic system.

While the China system is most full base on communist system.

That is why the USA will never able to even have a draw with the China.

The biggest mistake of the USA – Israel are made is thinking communist is evil & pay others to protest. They are blaming, destroying others, not to building anything new.

All kind of reason like democracy or humanity, etc. Are just rubbish and non-sense. It like Spanish people said Chinese language are no good, Chinese people must study and speak Spanish.

Each nation have their own culture & tradition, you must respect others, and you should only focus on your own nation first.

The North Korea is the last remaining King dynasty system on modern era. And frankly, they do not yet know how to build their nation around that ideology in modern era. What they are doing is just copy-paste foreign policy. Even the communist system you are running is crap and they are not the real King dynasty system on modern era. I am not going to help you free lunch of how to build a that special system on modern era.

The only solution for all the crisis I mentioned is the new additional financial system. There is no any other real way to solve the conflicts, all kind of “promise” without real mechanism like many alternative media are talking are no-go.

The Zionism Israel people can only have their final settlement if they listen to the Messiah, there is no other choice, all kind of war they are making everywhere on Earth is just waste of time.

And from what I am seeing they are ignoring it. They are refuse to change refuse to believe.

Your decision your choice.


The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya

How Any Nations Can Remove All International Sanctions By Themselves Without Using Any Forces [Bronze Key]

How Any Nations Can Remove All International Sanctions By Themselves Without Using Any Forces [Bronze Key]

This new invention, creation & solution belong to me. If any entities, beings, governments, groups want to use it, they must have an agree/permission from me first.



Your nation got sanctions for what ever reasons and cannot trade/living normal with the rest.


– Split your nation into 2 or more “small” nations with formula similar like this:
99.99% land nation will be “normal” nation, and 0.01% land nation holding the reason your current nation received international sanctions.

* There are many nations with the size less than 1000 km2.

– Allow all citizens have the right to having 2 “home”, allow them to hold 2 or more of “small split” nations passport, home address, etc.

* There many many people with more than 1 passport and have duel citizenship.

By doing that, the international community can only ban small nation with little land, they cannot ban big nation with no nuclear, rocket weapon or any reason they can think of.

By allow dual citizenship all your people have the right to living in “normal” condition like the rest of the world as well.

So if you really think for the people of your nation, this is the way to go.

That is the perfect solution, it just matter of how can you implement it at public eyes.


So the North Korea or the Iran can easily dodge international sanctions if you willing to lose small “title” but in fact not so much. That is the only way for them to both bypass sanctions but still able to keep nuclear, rocket weapon at the same time. Remember “foreign” military, weapons appear in other nations are normal as well.

The name of new nation is up to them, could be East Iran & West Iran, Small North Korea & Big North Korea, etc.

They can make up any suitable reasons for the public like:

– Family conflict so decide to split the nation into 2 pieces.

– Military coup.


That is the Bronze Key, and here is the unlock requirement:

– Payout all 1 million BTC Bitcoin for this giveaways program at: .

– The source of all bitcoin must be “clean and clear” like it must come from reputable exchange platform.

For the game more interesting: the team/groups/beings who pay and contact me first on that forum will have the right to choose the release date of above strategy to the public, and it must within 24 months. Any kind of buy sell trade between you guys are not allowed !

I do not know what is your conflict and problems, but if you want to see the Silver Key content about fair new financial system, you must unlock the Bronze Key first.

If you have any question or just simply want to have a conversation, then go to the forum I have mentioned few days ago.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

How I Am Going To Show You Why I Am The Savior From Many Ancient Prophecies

How I Am Going To Show You Why I Am The Savior From Many Ancient Prophecies

The only way to show you that I am the real savior from many ancient prophecies with many different names like Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Kalki, Saoshyant, etc. Is to do what things you cannot do.

Unlike many of you who want justice, killing, I am focus on solutions and changing the system because that is the only way to solve the permanent root problems.

The first thing is I will help nations do dodge all kind of international sanctions like the North Korea, Iran, etc. Without even negotiation with the USA, the West, but still keep their defense nuclear weapon, rockets, etc. [Bronze Key]

The second thing is to show you how balance financial system should be look like, where both the East and the West all similar kind of control and holding. The Global Currency Reset or GCR is all about this things, stop wasting time to guess this or that.[Silver Key]

The third and last thing is to end all kind of land & territory conflict and final settlement. This one is very special because it will not just solve the problems between Mainland China vs Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea vs South Korea, Israel – Palestine, etc. But it also open the gate for many thousand years of “peace” on Earth. [Gold Key]

Both the East & West are wasting their time, instead of pay for final solution products, they are paying for potential product. The fact is that the US – Israel will never remove sanctions for North Korea, Iran, because North Korea & Iran will never remove their defense rocket weapon, that is the fact.

The best way for all of you to go is unlock both the Bronze Key & Silver Key first, then I will show you the Gold Key. But there is no such thing as free lunch, that how is the Universe operation.

You will know what is the “price” of each key when I tell you in near future.

Speak is just waste of time, so this will be your last chance of your life and probably of this civilization as well. Choose live or death is up to you. Keep your eyes open on this blog if you want a way out of the matrix.


The Savior