Special Urgent Message To Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un, Team Capitalist & Team Communist

Special Urgent Message To Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un, Team Capitalist & Team Communist


I am the savior Messiah, this is a final warning to both of you, both team:

Do not killing, do not try to tell other nations how to live, do not tell other nation’s citizens to overthrow the regime & government under any circumstances, because that is not how is should be, that is not the divine way of orders & laws.

If you guys continue doing the stupid things & actions, you guys going to be killed by Divine Forces, it is very easy for the Divine Force & Angels to make your mortals body sick & ill then gone forever.

I do not see the full potential of both Capitalist & Communist yet on Earth. All Governments still not yet try do raise the level of both “style”, they are just know a little bit of it, but already try to “teach” others. You guys mortal beings in no position to judge others, not in position to tell others how to live.

The East & West must make laws base on their traditional, culture & even weather as well. Do not copy other nation’s laws because it only going to kill your nation’s system !

I have recently provided a way to solve your international problems about sanctions, trade war already. So you better read at website theworld.data.blog & implement it as soon as possible.

Because I just only publish that material this month, so you guys have 10 days left to change your behavior, your actions & your decision.

From the next lunar moon month, all kind of “killing” actions will be get punishment heavily because that not the Universe way of life.

Take it or ignore it then die, that is your own choice.

Send & Forward this message to all secret societies, groups, governments, etc.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name