How To Make & Build Your Own National System For Better

How To Make & Build Your Own National System For Better

There is no such thing as ideal model system can apply to all nations.

Each nations have their own situation their own culture, traditional, neighbour & weather.

Do not try to copy other national policy because of “feeling it is right”.

Here is a small framework to build your own nation:

1. Select leaders, people at top level Government

You must choose people with no related with the “player” on the game to prevent corruption.

The people who work on Government must be neutral.

If they have their family own corporate shares then that would never be ok.

The best choice is choose the one with no educational degree if you want to build to own system base on your own situation. People with educational degree will never able to create new stuffs, they only know how to “copy paste” policies from the rest.

The natural talent was born to lead others will never need to study at university level or need any educational degree. They will always “somehow” dropped out of education system (was build for the stupid), with the help of super beings. But you also need to pay a high price high salary in return for these people will never willing to receive “corrupt money”.

2. Build your own economic system style

Do not copy – paste other nation’s policy, you must build your own one, for that is the only correct way to go.

There are many economic system styles like the old King dynasty style, the communist of physical goods, communist of mind, the capitalist, and mixed of everything, etc.

The truth is that no any nation really reach to the top level of each style yet. All of them are just copy paste each others, have no creative !!!

3. Must understand where the root problems come from

Many national government only want killing & justice because they are think that is the way to go. They never even try to change the system which is the root problem of all.

4. Understand the weather, climate, natural, environment

That is the back born of all, if you do not understand it, then it is just matter of time before your nation got doomed.

5. Know the purpose of the Creator

This one is the mystery to all, I am not digging in too much.

That is just a small example, small framework you should read & study.

I am not here to help any particular person or nation, so that I am just giving you the general knowledge. Whether it can benefit your own people or not, it is up to you.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name