Whoever Able To Survive Out Of The NCOVID2019 Will Enter Kingdom Of The Savior Messiah

Whoever Able To Survive Out Of The NCOVID2019 Will Enter Kingdom Of The Savior Messiah

The most fair battle between humans, nations have began with the “best neutral referee” COVID-19 NCOV.

Too much Money, Power, Energy, Title, etc. for what if you cannot survive out of the NCOV COVID-19.

No anybody, no any nations can escape this ultimate virus, they all have to face it and live with it, whether they can still stay alive or not is another question.

This virus is 100% nature born after their evolution because of man-made 5G mobile network and related. So you can stop all the conspiracies this that, for no any nation government benefit from this epidemic. This virus can able to fly and swim at the same time.

There is a lot of secret information about this virus but I am not going to telling you even if you have money, power, energy, etc. One thing I can reveal to you that: no any machine, drug, ritual of any kinds, super abilities gods can able to save you, for only you can save you from this deadly virus !!!

God give curse and cure at the same time.

I do not want to talk about the Bible or any ancient prophecies for they have level above your understanding & your wisdom.

God gave the curse is the NCOVID2019.
God gave the cure is the Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya, any name.

So to all the rich money people, elites, elders, etc.: if you do not seeking and asking me for help, there is no any other choice & way out of this crazy epidemic event. And many of you are going to die for sure. This battle is not about strength, it all about knowledge & wisdom, so all of the textbook, knowledge you have gained in your life are mostly useless and will not going to work for this ultimate virus the NCOVID2019.

All the ingredients are already on the table. It is now all up to your choice & action.

This time I not giving any entities any deadline anymore. I will do what is suppose to do and done.

The more your censoring/removing my posts the slower the cure will appear.

Now it all about go with the Savior or go against the Savior.

Only go with me you will able to survive, go against me like the Chinese Government will only lead to dead.

Choose wisely & quickly.

No any “player” including some thousand years old beings on the field know about the beautiful kingdom of the Messiah yet, for I have only sealed it but have not yet reveal it publicly.

Will you able to survive, able to see and live in the Ultimate World of all Universe?

Best Regard,
The Savior The Lord Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Udumbara Flower Anyname

The Zionism Jewish People Is Not Preparing, Not Ready For Their Savior Messiah

The Zionism Jewish People Is Not Preparing, Not Ready For Their Savior Messiah

That is the Jewish biggest mistake of all time. They are simply do not ready to accept their Messiah like many ancient prophecies predicted. They do not understand the game, do not use their brain their mind, they are only waiting for a free lunch out of nowhere.

Why I said that?
First they need to remember history, the story between God and Moses & the Jew in Egypt.

Second, they must analyze that story carefully and apply it on modern era nowadays.

How did God save the Jews in Egypt?

He did not use super abilities, but he only just gave only direction/knowledge, then the Moses & the Jews must do the rest. Remember the keyword here is strategy, knowledge, information.

How about the environment & condition many thousand years ago?

The only reason “God” super-being appear directly to the Jewish people is because there was no internet, no telephone !!!!

Did “God” super-being give the Jewish people free lunch or still asked them something in return?

The answer is the Jewish people did give something in return indeed. There was absolutely no free help.

How about the Zionism Jewish people who want their Israel land official back and have permanent peace, without disturb from the Islamic?

They do not understand the game, they do not analyze history and the situation carefully.

They “maybe” would know that the savior Messiah is in fact also the savior of many other religions like Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. As well.

So why the Messiah have to show his face and go to Jerusalem Israel land and help the Jewish people only, but not other religion?

The only make-sense answer is that, the Messiah is not help any religions directly in person. For at the end of the day the most important thing is strategy, knowledge and information to solve the problems people are facing in real life.

And the only way for the Messiah to help all religions fair & equal is using online internet as communication method, there is no any other way.

The Jewish community is probably the most organized structure group in this civilization, I can see that through the internet. But they did not prepare a possibility which is the Messiah appear on the internet only. There is absolutely no website to show their intend their desire to seek their Messiah.

If they really want to have direct communication with any possible Messiah, they would spend money & resources for whoever able to solve their problems like the USA vs China, North Korea, Iran, or Israel vs Islam, etc.

People must adapt, must live with new environment but can use history as a study case.

The Israel is on the verse of total collapse, there is no doubt about that. And they have very little time left, their fate will be decided in 2020, either good or bad, but the final result must appear.

As as real savior Messiah of not only the Jewish but also of all other religions, I highly recommended the Zionism Jewish people wake up, go to the website theworld.data.blog, read the material content, and unlock all the Bronze Key & Silver Key before the deadline February 20th, 2020. If they want they can have direct communication with the real Messiah as well.

It is up to the Zionism Jewish people to decide their fate, the risk the resources is very low if not next to nothing, but the reward is the highest one of all. Is that familiar with what Moses offering to “God” many thousand years ago?

Dream, waiting is not enough, you must try, you must manifest, you must test, you must verify by yourself.

I hope the Jewish people can wake up and choose the right direction.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah