The Bible Famous End Time Words Mark Of The Beast Is The New Corona Virus NCOV

The Bible Famous End Time Words Mark Of The Beast Is The New Corona Virus NCOV

All of you are witnessing and living in the end time was written and predicted in the Bible.

The beast and the mark 666 in the revelation are in fact the new Corona virus NCOV COVID-19 & sickness.

A beast cannot be just a number, it must has features and powerful.

666 is six six six, but can be easily say as sick sick sick !!!

Do you see people get sick because of this virus?

Do you see almost all people are talking about this virus every single day?

I have provided a lot of real information about this beast.

If you want to have better chance to survive then you better read it carefully, I do not want to post repeat too much information.

And only me can save you out of this madness global pandemic event.

I have many type of cures such as public cure for everyone (both save people but also do not crash the way of life) and the private cure base on each people situation with fast spreed recovery and healing, but cannot be use and revealed in the public.

The “poor” do not need to pay any money, while I only charge the rich money people.

More info you can read at

Do no underestimate that beast 666 corona virus NCOV, you better scare, learning, adapting to have even a chance to survive out of this global pandemic end time event.

Best Regard,
The Savior

Do Not Trust Science, Using Common Sense If You Want To Overcome Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV Pandemic

Do Not Trust Science, Using Common Sense If You Want To Overcome Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV Pandemic

If you are trust in science and scientist then you would be doom and die because of this virus for sure. Small entities cannot measure much bigger entities. A small lab house cannot talk and predict correctly about nature Earth planet work & function. Humanity must use common sense and answer questions with theory and possibility.

First, science said this virus is not dangerous.

Second, only affect Asia, do not affect with the “White people”.

Third, spread fastest rate with cold climate, will die in hot high temperature.

The first two are already wrong, and the third is going to be wrong 100% as well for sure.

The full strength of the new corona virus COVID-19 will appearing in the summer when with high hot temperature, they will able to fully grow.

If you and/or any groups/entities can prove a lot of information I have said about the new corona virus is wrong, I would instantly close my website !!!

The Europe & America are paying big and heavy price for ignoring my words and instead they have trusted in so called Chinese scientist and related.

The fact is that many millions people in Europe/America already get infected with this Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19, they are just have not yet do medical test. And many nations on the verse of collapse because of this virus as well.

This corona virus is not racist and treat all nations, all beings the same equally & fair.

It is not time to only to talk about positive. It is time to face the hard truth and talk about the corona virus NCOV COVID-19 in all kind of theory and possibility.

Many big international organization and national governments do not have any clue about the features and how this virus function, but they do not allow to talk about the theory and possibility of this virus. How freaking stupid, they are the real evil the antichrist !!!

I just want to post article online so people will have more chance to survive, and the evil must going to die for sure. They are going against the Savior, that why they are must die.

The lower level beings must listen and follow the order of higher level beings, that is unwritten law & orders of all planets & the Universe.

I am not going to give out cure & solution freely publicly so “some evil” can steal it.

It must come with special restrict condition. I have fast private cure and slow public cure, and ready to unleash it any moment when the “ripe condition” are met. There is no such thing as free lunch !!!

Best Regard,
The Savior