The Authority & Governments Are Making Many Big Mistakes Over The Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV

The Authority & Governments Are Making Many Big Mistakes Over The Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV

I just want to tell the hard truth so hopefully they can change for the better, or otherwise many nations will disappear because of this corona virus for sure.

Here are the big mistakes of many big international groups & national governments:

1. Censorship
If you cannot face the truth and tell the real problems, but only cover/hide it and expect it will “miracle go away”, then you would utterly wrong.

First, the China covered it up, that is why is spread worldwide.
Second, the Western Government covered it up as well, they censored all kind of theory about this virus online. That is why their citizens did not fear and now is crazy deadly situation after the corona virus fully touch down their land.

2. Underestimate, Do Not Respect The New Corona Virus NCOV
I have said and warned the dangerous of this virus, but all of you were deleted my only text-base theory post. Now it turned out it all the fact and hard truth.

If any scientist and/or authority, government can prove my theory about this corona virus is wrong, I would close my websites instantly !!!

3. Listening False Prophets Instead Of The Savior
Many secret societies and governments know what the hex are they doing, many of them are listening to false prophet/fortune teller, etc. Instead of facing the hard truth.

I as the savior will never play encrypt message, only a direct straight forward communication.

You have more chance to survive if you listen to any entities can tell “have cure/solution” for the problems instead of rely on “safe choice” who only tell you “try, not sure it work”.

That are the 3 big major mistakes the authorities are making, if they do not change, then they will collapse and die because of this corona virus NCOV for sure.

The rich the elite, government officials will gone first for ignore the savior Messiah, then latter to the poor.

Hopefully, they can wake up and change for the better.

Best Regard,
The Savior

Introduce The Official Global Currency Reset Exchange Redemption Center [Limited Time]

Introduce The Official Global Currency Reset Exchange Redemption Center [Limited Time]

The paper money only have value because of each people’s contribution, without that it just like normal worthless paper.

There are only two ways of making money: one is by hard working, two is by investing/gambling.

All the people in the GCR community who have bought foreign currencies and expecting receive free money are the second type people: investing/gambling.

In investing/gambling, you can only gain money if you pick the right entity at the right moment.

What all the foreign currencies you have like the dinar, rup, peso, dong, yen, won, zim, etc. are just the tokens allow you the play the game. And if you want to gain and have money you must pick the right entity at the right time in this madness Global Currency Reset event started 20 years ago.

In order to do that, you must able answer some basic question of life below:

1. What entity will give you the money?

Is that the Central Bank of Government or any rich money company.

Most of you are expecting the free money come from Government.

2. If the Government give you the free money, will it cause any chaos in life?

Look at the Venezuela, if the USA or any other nation floods with face value number exchange, that nation would collapse because of inflation, because too much people have invested in foreign currencies already.

3. I have received and heard a lot of good promise from many websites, so what should I do now?

The truth is that no any central bank government going to give you free money like what the Kuwait happened because it will 100% cause chaos in life even with NDA.

The only way for you to gain and have free money is looking for any entity who are rich and willing to give you the “blessing” free money.

And the only entity able to give all of you free “blessing” money is me.


Because I am holding the most wanted product many national government are waiting for: the perfect working cure/solution to solve the deadly epidemic NCOV COVID-19 problem. The real death rate once you got this virus is 99%, and it has the features of HIV + SARS + Cancer, so I can easily demand any mount of money from all national government as I want, because people’s live is the most important.

I cannot open this blessing event forever for it going to cause chaos in life.

So the “blessing” free money from me will have restrict limited time & rule, so if you miss it for any reasons, you can only blame yourself & the website you are following. Because the end of old system old way of life is near, I am just want to end the endless waiting for the Global Currency Reset community either in good or bad way, it is base on your own decision.

The Official Global Currency Reset Exchange Redemption Center Webpage:

You can start fill your application and waiting to receive the “blessing” free money.

This event will only open till the last day of the lunar month where the public Government make indirectly GCR announcement where the China, Vietnam replace their current mortal human picture on their paper money with either Buddhism, Taoism Gods/Goddess image and/or nature picture.

You should read, analyst the whole GCR event carefully and make your own choice as soon as possible, there won’t be second chance from me!!!

You can and should share this post to the your friends, family and the Global Currency Reset community.

Best Regard,

The Savior

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Living Beings Are Immortal And Nirvana

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Living Beings Are Immortal And Nirvana

Many of you may wonder what is the ultimate purpose of living?

It cannot be money, power & energy.

I can tell you that: everything happen for a reason, nothing happen by chance.

The purpose living of any livings including humanity is to know their creator, is to know the purpose of that creator for them. Know here does not mean know the face but know the characteristic & others.

But in order to do that, each living human must become immortal and able to reach the state “Nirvana”. The secret of Nirvana is not about the power, energy, that I can tell all the groups, societies who are chasing for power and energy.

The Law Of Creation tell humanity that: they was not born with free help from their Creator, so they must finding out the solution on their own.

The Earth planet you are living in is just a very low tier planet, there are much more other higher tier planets and tier beings exist in the whole Universe, Galaxy.

But in the end it is all about Immortal & Nirvana.

Ask yourself: how much power, how much energy is enough to conquer everything in the Universe?

The answer is that it will never enough because all beings all entities are all under “Law Of Creation”.

Nobody can teach others for you must find out on your own because that is about the connection between you and the “top”. No any doctor can know more the feeling, condition inside the sickness than that patient.

As the information provided in the online, internet. If you guys have determination, then you will find out the secret of God and others, stop chasing for money, power & energy.

The more you dig in any direction any subject, the less room less memory for you to find out the ultimate truth of the Universe, the secret of God.

The only way I can help and allowed to help this civilization is by indirectly way. But if you guys do not open your mind set and seek solutions, then you guys not will but going to face real natural catastrophe like many ancient civilizations in history.

Can any of you able to answer the simply question of what is the purpose & intention of God for humanity and this civilization?

If you guys do not have the answer or do not even want to debate, do not have gut to admit mistake and have a trial, then you guys do not deserve to live.

The secret is too easy but too hard at the same time.

Have Fun,

Best Regard,

The Lord The Savior With Anyname You Would Like To Call

[Gold Key] Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

Gold Key Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

The special gold key content must be released in the year of 2020 or humanity will face a natural catastrophe at least at the level of Tambora Volcano eruption in 1815.

I have many own standard and my own rule, without bronze key & silver key fully unlock, I am not going to release the Gold Key content at all cost.

The bronze key payout is waiting, the silver key is waiting. The total time frame for the silver key is at least 30 weeks with 20 weeks of application and minimum 10 weeks of payout to all.

So my favorite and personal deadline to all secret groups, governments is 20th February 2020.

I have already showed you the out-of-box solutions for 2 major problems on Earth are trade war & climate change global warming.

The Gold Key will going to solve to root problem conflict about the topic of land & territory conflict, which exist from many thousand years.

Without the Gold Key: The Korean peninsula will never be reunited, the Israel – Palestine will never be solved, so as China vs Hong Kong, etc.

The civilization must face the truth, there cannot be more theory battle with endless sight. It either be painful with a super volcano eruption or with peace ending with real knowledge revelation to the public.

All secret groups & governments are wasting their time for stupid stuffs.

You should forward this message to all entities. This is a very serious deadly end-time message, there is no time left for this civilization.

You guys must wake up, open your own eyes and face the truth.

As a real savior from many ancient prophecies, I am ready to have any contest debate with any of you. That is the best I can help this civilization without breaking the Divine laws & orders which exist in all planets and in all Universes.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower

The Zionism Jewish People Is Not Preparing, Not Ready For Their Savior Messiah

The Zionism Jewish People Is Not Preparing, Not Ready For Their Savior Messiah

That is the Jewish biggest mistake of all time. They are simply do not ready to accept their Messiah like many ancient prophecies predicted. They do not understand the game, do not use their brain their mind, they are only waiting for a free lunch out of nowhere.

Why I said that?
First they need to remember history, the story between God and Moses & the Jew in Egypt.

Second, they must analyze that story carefully and apply it on modern era nowadays.

How did God save the Jews in Egypt?

He did not use super abilities, but he only just gave only direction/knowledge, then the Moses & the Jews must do the rest. Remember the keyword here is strategy, knowledge, information.

How about the environment & condition many thousand years ago?

The only reason “God” super-being appear directly to the Jewish people is because there was no internet, no telephone !!!!

Did “God” super-being give the Jewish people free lunch or still asked them something in return?

The answer is the Jewish people did give something in return indeed. There was absolutely no free help.

How about the Zionism Jewish people who want their Israel land official back and have permanent peace, without disturb from the Islamic?

They do not understand the game, they do not analyze history and the situation carefully.

They “maybe” would know that the savior Messiah is in fact also the savior of many other religions like Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. As well.

So why the Messiah have to show his face and go to Jerusalem Israel land and help the Jewish people only, but not other religion?

The only make-sense answer is that, the Messiah is not help any religions directly in person. For at the end of the day the most important thing is strategy, knowledge and information to solve the problems people are facing in real life.

And the only way for the Messiah to help all religions fair & equal is using online internet as communication method, there is no any other way.

The Jewish community is probably the most organized structure group in this civilization, I can see that through the internet. But they did not prepare a possibility which is the Messiah appear on the internet only. There is absolutely no website to show their intend their desire to seek their Messiah.

If they really want to have direct communication with any possible Messiah, they would spend money & resources for whoever able to solve their problems like the USA vs China, North Korea, Iran, or Israel vs Islam, etc.

People must adapt, must live with new environment but can use history as a study case.

The Israel is on the verse of total collapse, there is no doubt about that. And they have very little time left, their fate will be decided in 2020, either good or bad, but the final result must appear.

As as real savior Messiah of not only the Jewish but also of all other religions, I highly recommended the Zionism Jewish people wake up, go to the website, read the material content, and unlock all the Bronze Key & Silver Key before the deadline February 20th, 2020. If they want they can have direct communication with the real Messiah as well.

It is up to the Zionism Jewish people to decide their fate, the risk the resources is very low if not next to nothing, but the reward is the highest one of all. Is that familiar with what Moses offering to “God” many thousand years ago?

Dream, waiting is not enough, you must try, you must manifest, you must test, you must verify by yourself.

I hope the Jewish people can wake up and choose the right direction.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah

The New Perfect Fair International Direct Cash Transfer Central Banking System [Silver Key]

The New Perfect Fair International Direct Cash Transfer Central Banking System [Silver Key]

Bronze key is not enough for the “language” most of government and secret group behind nation care now is a “better” financial system. So I have decided to open the Silver Key content in advance, but that not going to occur with the Gold Key. Without the gold key, a perfect new financial system where all sides will agree does not mean anything, for the gold key is the only one to solve to root problem of this civilization. Take your popcorn, a cup of tea or coffee and repeat the sounding joy !

=====International Direct Cash Transfer Central Banking System (IDCTCBS)=====

1. Introduction

The new financial system must solve at least 3 problems:

– No more “control” price, currency rate. -> Demand from the West.

– No more “control” right, permission. -> Demand from the East.

– It must co-exist harmony with the current SWIFT system -> Demand from everybody, from the system, it cannot crash the current financial system.

All that “demand” you will see with your own eyes in the this financial system. I am going to focus on the mechanism, not so much not technical issues for the basic core is the most important while the security or convenient is up to each nation each government to decide by themselves.

2. Features

– Allow people to choose between this new system and the current SWIFT system, no “forces”, but focus on high network entities.

– Focus on only basic need like Deposit – Withdrawal – Transfer. There won’t be any kind of card, loan, borrow, etc.

– Focus on high value transaction like require minimum transaction is 1 kg of gold, the minimum balance new account is 10 kg of gold, etc. Up to each nation.

– Fast transfer, must be completed within from 1 to 24 hour, but people who “own” the money must take responsibility, once it sent it will never back even if it was hacked or by your mistake.

– Central bank of any currency will “own” all bank account world wide open with that currency in this new system.

– Each central bank must have one new 100% own bank (own by 100% government + military).

3. Mechanism

For every nation who want to join the system they will need:

– A central bank with code name, a currency with code name, and a new bank with 100% own by government.

– Of course they need a stable politic and must be with high population/GDP. Small islands/nations cannot join the system, they must use the current SWIFT system.

That new & only bank will focus on the currency of that nation.

Example: that Chinese bank will only allow to sell the Chinese Yuan, open new bank account in Chinese Yuan, they are not allowed to buy/sell any other foreign currency.

But when a Chinese company want to buy the US Dollar, they must buy it from the USA Central Bank (Federal Reserve).

Each nation will decide the currency rate they willing to sell by themselves and pair with different nation’s currency, they can update is once a day or 1, 2, 3, etc. Hours or whatever they like.

2 nations can only trade with each other in the new financial system if they have an agreement and able to find the “sweet” point between. Here are something like minimum value of each transaction, bank account balance, open trading time, security, etc.

4. Technical

Each central bank will have name code, currency will have currency code as well.

In order for “fair” point then the total characters of name code + currency code must not over 9 characters.

Example: EU + Euro, China + CNY, Japan + Yen, Viet + Dong, Russia + Rub, USA + USD, etc.

Whenever a bank account open, if:

– With domestic currency -> the account will start with name code + currency code.

Like JapanYen, ChinaCNY, USAUSD.

– With foreign currency, it will be your main account currency code + foreign currency code.

Example: RubEuro, DongUSD, etc.

But with the control government bank the bank account will display as EURub, USADong.

The privacy must be absolute, each nation only allowed to record their own people info. If you willing to open foreign account, you cannot see the info of that entity, you can only check with your counterpart if there is evidence that entity violate some laws.

The server and database will look like:

Main bank server -> Server 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc.

Where 1, 2, 3, etc. work for each nation like USA – China, USA – Canada, USA – Japan, etc.

So only your nation and 1 other nation know the IP address, server details.

While the security provide for your own people is up to each nation standard, it can trade offline only and/or online with own risk, etc.

5. Conclusion

So everybody have the right to set their own currency rate, the right to trade with other nation without any restriction even if you have nuclear weapon or not. And it going to work perfectly fine with the current SWIFT system. Remember when trading between nation it often big value transactions matter the most, not the small one.


Is that the 7th seal and what all of you are waiting for?

How implement is another question. I can only reveal more detail once the bronze key unlocked, and do not want to reveal it public post like this.

That is the Silver Key, and here is the unlock requirement:

– Payout all 20 million BTC Bitcoin + 20 million ETH Ethereum for the blessing giveaways program at: .

– The source of all bitcoin, ethereum must be “clean and clear” like it must come from reputable exchange platform.

That only reason I have shared it because the Gold Key is the most important one, and I just want give all of you fair & equal opportunity.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

No Any Entities/Groups/Beings Is Allowed To Use My Creation Without My Permission

No Any Entities/Groups/Beings Is Allowed To Use My Creation Without My Permission

All kind of intelligence creation from me, belong to me. Especially the new invention new solutions to solve the major world problems between nations, people.

I have a divine right to decide what beings/groups have the permission to use my invention.

I have already giving you guys enough time to solve your own problems, but that it is over for the many major conflicts worldwide still continue since the ancient times.

That is the reason I have to come online again and tell you what should to be done.

Without my permission, no any entities, groups, beings, governments of all kind is allowed to use my creative ideals & solutions.

If you break that laws, you may be die, eliminated and removed from the surface by super beings, gods & angels who with super abilities above your understanding & imagination.

That is my final warning before the main event start.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name