[Gold Key] Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

Gold Key Release Date Either In 2020 Or After A Super Volcano Eruption On Earth

The special gold key content must be released in the year of 2020 or humanity will face a natural catastrophe at least at the level of Tambora Volcano eruption in 1815.

I have many own standard and my own rule, without bronze key & silver key fully unlock, I am not going to release the Gold Key content at all cost.

The bronze key payout is waiting, the silver key is waiting. The total time frame for the silver key is at least 30 weeks with 20 weeks of application and minimum 10 weeks of payout to all.

So my favorite and personal deadline to all secret groups, governments is 20th February 2020.

I have already showed you the out-of-box solutions for 2 major problems on Earth are trade war & climate change global warming.

The Gold Key will going to solve to root problem conflict about the topic of land & territory conflict, which exist from many thousand years.

Without the Gold Key: The Korean peninsula will never be reunited, the Israel – Palestine will never be solved, so as China vs Hong Kong, etc.

The civilization must face the truth, there cannot be more theory battle with endless sight. It either be painful with a super volcano eruption or with peace ending with real knowledge revelation to the public.

All secret groups & governments are wasting their time for stupid stuffs.

You should forward this message to all entities. This is a very serious deadly end-time message, there is no time left for this civilization.

You guys must wake up, open your own eyes and face the truth.

As a real savior from many ancient prophecies, I am ready to have any contest debate with any of you. That is the best I can help this civilization without breaking the Divine laws & orders which exist in all planets and in all Universes.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower